About Packages

A package is a unit of code that can be installed or uninstalled via the package manager.

A package usually implements one or more business processes by defining  business objects, Web pages, workflows and other objects. You can configure packages via the configuration system.

Package are usually (except some closed source packages) available via [download] or CVS code repository checkout.  Packages are grouped by function: 

]project-open[ Core

The following packages form the core of the ]project-open[ application.

]project-open[ Project Management

]project-open[ Finance 

The following packages implement the [[module-finance|]po[ Finance Module]] including a variety of types of financial items and the workflows around them. 

  • Finance Core - financial items and cost centers. This package lays the ground for financial management in ]po[.
  • Finance Budget Management - Define budget lines for projects and compare actual costs against the budget.
  • Finance Exchange-Rates - provides exchange-rate services for the rest of the financial module. 
  • Finance Expenses - track employee expenditures on travel, client meetings, office supplies, etc.
  • Finance Expense Workflow - provides a number of predefined workflows for the autorization of expenses.
  • Financial Documents - create and track invoices, quotes, purchase orders etc., format them as PDF or HTML and send them to customers or providers. 
  • [Finance Financial Document Workflows] - defines workflows for Purchase Order approval and others.
  • Finance Payments - track all incoming/outgoing monetary transactions and associate them with financial items.
  • Material Master - material master used for financial documents
  • Financial Planning - plan revenues or costs per project, date, phase, resource etc.
  • Finance Cost Center Permissions - not open-source and only useful for large companies with a group structure: This module allows to restrict access to financial items per cost center. Permission rules allows to selectively delegate the responsibility for creating financial documents, while allowing for central control.

]project-open[ Timesheet Management 

These packages implement Timesheet Management as the base for [project controlling process].

]project-open[ CRM

]project-open[ ITSM (Information Technology Services Management)

 The following packages implement ITIL based management of IT infrastructures:

]project-open[ Reporting & Business Intelligence

]project-open[ Human Resources

  • HR Core - base package for recording and managing user information both internal and external
  • [HR Hourly Rates] - defines hourly rates to be used over time
  • HR Freelance - tracking temporal/contracted employees, their skills, and their integration into the project environment 
  • HR Freelance Invoices
  • HR Freelance Request for Quote (RFQ) - streamline freelancer recruitment and project participation with automatic RFQ notification

]project-open[ Collaboration & Knowledge Management 

These packages implement collaboration functionality known from "Content and Community" platforms for knowledge management withing the enterprise.

  • PostgreSQL Search - full-text search engine indexing all important ]po[ objects.
  • PostgreSQL File Search - full-text search engine extension for indexing file-storage files
  • Filestorage - provides a web interface to project files stored in a local file server, allowing work employees in the main office to work with local files
  • [New Filestorage with Versioning] - File-storage with versioning and REST interface, allowing to connect ]po[-Sync desktop file synchronization.
  • Simple Survey and Simple Survey - create user defined survey for project status reports, customer satisfaction etc.
  • Slack Integration - Slack-bot for timesheet logging (under development 2019-03-18)
  • XoWiki and Wiki Interface - enables a wiki environment add on to ]project-open[ for the creation and control of wiki pages
  • Calendar - a shared project calendar to manage meetings, deadlines etc.
  • Project-Open Calendar - ]project-open[ integration with Calendar
  • Sharepoint Integration - allows to connect ]po[ to MS Sharepoint
  • [Content Management System]
  • Forum
  • [FAQ management]
  • OpenACS file-storage
  • [OpenACS general comments] and [General comments integration] - Add comments everywhere

OpenACS Packages

The following packages are part of the OpenACS platform. OpenACS provides the development and execution environment for ]project-open[, including functionality such as user management, permissions and security, GUI libraries etc.

]project-open[ Translation Management 


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