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System Start Page

The ]project-open[ system start-page with the URL http://localhostname is located at 


  • Linux - /web/projop/www/index.adp
  • Windows - C:\ProjectOpen\projop\www\index.adp

This .adp page contains simple HTML code and is intended to be customized by a system administrator using any common HTML editor.  

Additionally you can create .tcl files in the same subdirectory (www) .tcl and .adp files normally work together symbiotically to produce content pages in ]project-open[.  The .tcl will work the business logic and the .adp page is used to render the variables in the .tcl file into HTML format.  Alternatively, you can just use static HTML files as with any typical web server application.

The /web/projop/www subdirectory contains the publicly available web pages of the web server or "root pages".  This would be the correct place for pages dealing with marketing, general info or public disclosures.   


Immediate Start Option

One option is to not have any start page, and instead redirect to the system home page or other ]project-open[ core pages.  In this case please create/alter the existing "index.tcl" file at /web/projop/www/  (all together /web/projop/www/index.tcl) to mirror the below code.

ad_page_contract {
    Empty system home page (redirects immediately to ]project-open[)

    @author frank.bergmann@project-open.com
    @creation-date Nov 2003
} { }

ad_returnredirect "/intranet/"

Replace "/intranet/" with any other system url to send users to places other than the home page.


Start Page with Login Option

To force users to authenticate themselves before continuing on into ]project-open[ you will to set the index.adp and index.tcl files similarly to the code found below.  The code will produce a content page with a login prompt and several links.



ad_page_contract {
    project-open Intranet index.tcl
    Provides the index.adp page with default values for
    the different login parameters
} {
    {authority_id ""}
    {username ""}
    {email ""}
    {return_url "/intranet/"}


<!— ]project-open[ Intranet index.adp page -->
<html><head><title>]project-open[ Intranet</title>
<meta http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<link media=screen href="/intranet/style/style.default.css" type=text/css rel=StyleSheet>
<body text=black bgColor=white>
<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0>
    <td><A href="http://www.project-open.com/">
      <img src=/intranet/images/projop-logo.gif border=0 width=230 height=52>
    <td vAlign=center align=middle></td>
    <td vAlign=center align=right></td>
<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0>
    <td align=left>
      <table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0>
        <tr height=19>
          <td><img alt="" src="/intranet/images/navbar_default/left-sel.gif"
                   width=19 border=0 heigth="19"></td>
          <td class=tabsel>
     <A class=whitelink href="/intranet/index">Home</A>
          <td><img alt="" src="/intranet/images/navbar_default/right-sel.gif"
                   width=19 border=0 heigth="19"></td>
    <td class=pagedesriptionbar colSpan=2>
      <table cellPadding=1 width="100%">
        <tr><td class=pagedesriptionbar vAlign=center>
          ]project-open[ Intranet
<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0>
    <td vAlign=top>
      <table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 border=0>
        <tr><td class=tableheader>]project-open[ Links</td></tr>
        <tr><td class=tablebody>
            <LI><A href="/intranet/">]project-open[ Intranet</a><br>
            <LI><A href="http://www.project-open.com/">]project-open[ Web Site </a>
            <LI><A href="/">]project-open[ Developer Community</a>
            <LI><A href="/doc/">Documentation Home</a>
      <table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 border=0>
        <tr><td class=tableheader>Intranet Login</td></tr>
        <tr><td class=tablebody>
<!-- Include the login widget -->
<include src="/packages/acs-subsite/lib/login" return_url="@return_url;noquote@" no_frame_p="1" authority_id="@authority_id@" username="@username;noquote@" email="@email;noquote@" &="__adp_properties">
<table cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=0>
    Comments? Contact:
    <A href="mailto:support@project-open.com">support@project-open.com</A>



Possible values are

  • __default_metaclass: '::xotcl::Class'
  • __default_superclass: '::xotcl::Object'
  • absolute_links: '0'
  • abstract_p: 'f'
  • auto_save: 'false'
  • creation_date: '2009-07-13 15:21:10.058692+02'
  • creation_user: '272160'
  • creator: 'Richard Thiemann'
  • current_url: '/en/configuration-start-page-home-page'
  • current_user: '0'
  • description: ''
  • do_substitutions: '1'
  • folder_id: '-100'
  • form: '::xowiki::WikiForm'
  • id_column: 'page_id'
  • last_modified: '2014-05-20 10:26:22.635196+02'
  • mime_type: 'text/html'
  • modifying_user: '853'
  • name: 'en:configuration-start-page-home-page'
  • nls_language: 'en_US'
  • non_cached_instance_var_patterns: '__*'
  • object_id: '1495420'
  • object_type: '::xowiki::Page'
  • package_id: '252723'
  • page_id: '1495420'
  • page_order: 'Configuration'
  • parent_id: '252746'
  • pretty_name: 'XoWiki Page'
  • pretty_plural: 'Wiki Pages'
  • publish_date: '2014-05-20 10:26:22.635196+02'
  • publish_status: 'ready'
  • recursion_count: '0'
  • render_adp: '1'
  • revision_id: '1495420'
  • security_inherit_p: 't'
  • sql_package_name: '::xowiki::Page'
  • storage_type: 'text'
  • supertype: 'content_revision'
  • table_name: 'xowiki_page'
  • title: 'Home Page'
  • with_table: 'true'
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