]po[ Version 4.1

  • Expected Final Release: 9/2014 
  • Expected Alpha Release: 6/2014
  • Current Status: never officially released

V4.1 was designed as a bug fix release, but the "official" launch was delayed several times. Finally, the V4.1 improvements are released as part of V5.0. The main work in V4.1 is related to HTML5 with the start of the development of a "Gantt Editor" an a "Portfolio Planner".

New Packages

]po[ V4.1 contains several completely new packages:

  • [General: Sencha ExtJS HTML5 GUI]:
    Starting with V4.1, we will rewrite important ]po[ packages in HTML5 technology. We will start with the most frequently used pages and portlets and work towards the rest of the system. The HTML5 GUI is based on the Sencha Ext-JS HTML5 framework  with a ]po[ REST interface as a back-end.
    A solid knowledge of JavaScript is not sufficient for developers to modify or extend ]project-open[.
  • Gantt Editor:
    This new package contains a Gantt-Editor similar to MS-Project, GanttProject, OpenProj or ProjectLibre.
    Please read the package documentation for details.

  • Portfolio Planner:
    This new package contains a Portfolio Editor that allows to perform what-if scenario planning in order to optimize financial performance while taking into account resource constraints and inter-project dependencies. It also allows to answer questions including: "Do we have the resources to complete our projects in time?" or "Where are the bottlenecks in our organization?"

Other New Functionality.

  • CSV Import - Master Data Import:
    This package allows to import Projects, Users, Tickets and other business objects from CSV (Excel) tables.

  • Rule-Engine for Notifications and Events:
    The rule engine allows you to define actions that are executed once a value of a project, a task or any other business object (future) changes or reaches a certain value. For example, a task reaching 100% could trigger a notification email to the project manager. Both conditions and actions are defined using TCL expressions, allowing for full access to the system and integration with external systems. 

  • Project Portfolio Margin Tracker:
    This Sencha HTML5 widget shows the development of current project margins vs. baseline values.

  • Project Milestone Tracker:
    This Sencha HTML5 widget shows the development project project milestones over time.

  • [CRM Opportunity Tracking]:
    This package maintains a list of opportunities during the qualification and sales cycle (sales pipeline).

  • [Service Contract Invoicing] (experimental):
    This new package introduces the notion of a "service contract" with certain parameters including a monthly fee, a number of free service hours and the price per additional service hour. A (semi-) automatic invoicing functionality allows to process many service contracts in "batch mode".

  • Mobile Timesheet Logging (experimental):
    A time sheet logging app for iPhone and Android. This app will be the base for further mobile functionality in the future.


Non-Functional Features

  • New Menus with sub-Menus Performance:
    The main menus tabs on the top of the page now include sub-menu items for frequently used functions. This structure saves an important number of server round-trips and improves overall system agility.

  • Optimizations for 40.000 Users and Customers:
    We have optimized a number of pages in order to deal with large numbers of customers and customer contacts
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