]po[ Intranet AJAX File Storage

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The Ajax File Storage UI package provides an AJAX driven user interface to the ]po[ Intranet File Storage.

Some of its more prominent features include :

  • Drag and drop moving of files and folders 
  • Graceful degradation to old file storage package ui in the event that the browser being used does not support javascript.
  • Flash based multiple file upload tool  that degrades to an HTML upload form as needed.
  • Support for tagging files

Package Status

This package is NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION yet. We have found a number of issues when running this package as part a production system.

Instead, we plan to include an AJAX file store as part of the ]po[ V4.1 effort and plan to re-implement the file storage using Sencha   technology.


Intranet Filestorage Ajax


This module had been developed by Hamilton Chua from href="http://www.solutiongrove.com">Solution Grove.  [Leinhäuser Solutions] and [ Venkat Mangudis] team worked on the integration into ]po[. Please see http://sourceforge.net/projects/po-ajaxfs for code and additional information.

Package Documentation 

Package 'intranet-filestorage-ajax' is not installed on this server, so there is no documentation available.

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