]po[ Timesheet Task

When it comes to structuring projects, "timesheet task" represent the lowest level of units.

Main Fields

  • task_id: ObjectID of the task. This ID is the same number as the im_projects.project_id of the corresponding entry in the im_projects table.
  • material_id: Defines the material or "service type" of the task, for example "Senior Consultant Hour". The material form a link into the price list, so that the automatic invoicing can determine the agreed price for the service.
  • uom_id: Defines the Unit of Measure of the planned and billable units.
  • planned_units: Defines how many UoMs (usually: hours) the PM plans for this task.
  • billable_units: How many units (usually: hours) can be billed to the customer? For example, pre-sales time is usually not billable.
  • cost_center_id: Specifies the cost center for this task. For example, a "testing" task with in a larger project may be assigned to the cost center of the "Testing deparment". This way, it is possible to analyze the distribution of project consts according to cost centers.
  • invoice_id: Not used anymore.
  • priority: An integer to store a priority (used by the GanttProject integration to store GP's priority field, so that it doesn't get lost).
  • sort_order: An integer specifying the ordering of tasks inside a project.

Database Definition

      Column      |       Type       | Modifiers
 task_id          | integer          | not null
 material_id      | integer          | not null
 uom_id           | integer          | not null
 planned_units    | double precision |
 billable_units   | double precision |
 cost_center_id   | integer          |
 invoice_id       | integer          |
 priority         | integer          |
 gantt_project_id | integer          |
 sort_order       | integer          |

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