Portlet Components

Portlets do appear on Portlet Pages such as the principle pages for particular projects, users or companies.

Each Portlet Page consists of one or more Portlets. 

 Fig.: Portlets "Project Baseline" & "Forum Items"

Portlets can be managed on two different levels:

  • Application Level
  • User Level

Managing Access Permissions to Portlets on Application Level

Configuring Portlets on an Application Level defines if a Portlet is visible to members of a particular User Group.    
Portlets for all user / user groups are managed using the following admin page: http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/components/

Administration Portlets

A fully installed ]po[ might contain up 100 different portlets. Use the filters on the left side to limit the elements shown.
The very right columns containing either a lowercase or uppercase letter 'r' define if a is visible ('R') to a user group or not ('r').
Portlets can be hidden for all user groups by disabling them (see column "EN"). 

Configuring Portlets on User Level

Once a Portlet  is a available to a user, each user is capable to switch on/switch off this portlet and change its location. Settings are stored on a user level. 
Location and Display (on/off) of portlets can be changed by using the buttons that appear when doing a "mouse over" of the top bar of the portlet:

Disabled portlets can be recovered by by either resetting all Portlets to the default or add them individually. Please use the links located on the top right corner of each page:


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