Rollout FAQ

  • Where do I get information on how to best implement ]po[ in my organisation?
  • How to best import legacy data such as employees, clients, projects etc.


  •  Rollout Plan - contains a summary on how to roll-out ]project-open[ in a service organization.

Where do I get information on how to best implement ]po[ in my organisation?

Please read our  Rollout Plan. This document includes a lot of learned lessons from recent rollout projects.

How to import data into the system such as users or clients?

There are several ways to import data into ]project-open[:

  • Manually entering data
    This may sound like a joke, but entering data manually is frequently a reasonable option. We generally recommend customers this option if there are less then 200 objects to be entered (200 objects x 1min/object = 3.5 hours). Also, the manual entry allows to cleanup data and/or to enter data in a more consistent way then in the legacy system.

  • CSV Import from Outlook (2000 - 2003, 2007 is not supported yet):
    This is the easiest way to import data if you can export data from one of the supported Outlook versions. Then please go to Users -> Import User CSV or Companies -> Import Company CSV and follow the import wizards.
    The wizards will provide you with detailed error messages if your data do not conform to ]po[ standards. For example, ]po[ requires both first name, last name and email in order to create a new users. If one of your Outlook users does not include an email, ]po[ will issue a corresponding error.

  • Import via PL/SQL scripts:
    Please see the README in the folder /web/projop/packages/intranet-core/sql_import of ]po[ or higher. This folder contains samples of past legacy data imports. Still, you need to have considerable database knowledge for performing these steps.

  • Import via Perl/PHP script:
    We have seen customers to import their data via Perl/PHP scripts. Please post in the Sourceforge Forum to inquire about this option.

  • Request Professional Services:
    Finally, please contact the ]po[ core team for professional services to import your data. This is one of our major sources of income and will enable us to continue the development of the free product.

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