]po[ Version 2.1

  • Last Release: V2.1.1 in 8/2004
  • Payroll costs (intranet-hr-costs) and fixed costs (intranet-cost-fixed) have not been implemented yet. These modules have been depriorized, as the V3.0 PostgreSQL port has become more important. Their implementation will become part of V3.1 (see above).
  • The Search and KM functionality has been depriorized in favor of V3.0.


  • intranet-costs
    "Costs Base Module", including cost centers and base cost items.
  • intranet-cost-fixed
    Front-end module to intranet-costs, allowing to distributed fixed costs (rent etc.) to projects according to different criteria.
  • intranet-cost-provider
    Front-end module for intranet-costs, allowing provider to post their bills in the intranet.
  • intranet-hr-costs
    Front-end module for intranet-costs, allowing to distribute employee costs to projects according to timesheet information


  • intranet-hr
    Basic HR module: Headcount, basic payroll information etc.

Search & KM

  • search
    Finish intranet and file system search for Intermedia
  • expert-finder (not finished)
    Search for experts in your organization based on document authorship information


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