Intranet Absence Type

This category defines various types of user absences, together with their specific workflow.

The absence type 5000-5005 are used as constants and may be associated with specific functionality. However it is OK to disable these types and/or to add new absence types.

Constant Range

The following absence types correspond to the default ]po[ configuration.

 category_id |   category   |     aux_string1
        5000 | Vacation     | vacation_approval_wf
        5001 | Personal     | personal_approval_wf
        5002 | Sick         | sick_approval_wf
        5003 | Travel       | travel_approval_wf
        5004 | Training     |
        5005 | Bank Holiday |

Absence Workflows

 The aux_string1 value defines a workflow to be started when a new user absence is created. The workflow key needs to correspond to one of the workflows defined in Admin -> Workflow. Otherwise it is ignored.

Color codes absences 

Color code for absences can be customized by providing a value for String 2 representing the color code.  







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