FI: Administration of Consulting & Service Rates

Option 1: Material based pricing

  • To each task a "Material" can be assigned
  • Additional attributes can be added since "Materials" have "Dynamic Field" support
  • Prices for Materials are defined in the Customer Price List:

  • Pro's:
    • Detailed and flexible pricing option 
    • Already implemented in ]po[
  • Limitations:
    • Requires the definition of a material for each task
    • No pricing calculation possible when tasks have multiple owners
    • Invoicing is performed based on current rate definitions only
    • No tracking of price changes possible (except AUDIT package is installed)  

Option 2: Simplified Price Management based on Project Type and Employee

  • Prices are managed based on project type on an employee level

  •  Prices defined for employee can be overwritten on a project level:
  • Pro's:
    • Allows automatic invoicing for tasks with multiple owners

  • Con's:
    • Invoicing is performed based on current rate definitions only
    • No tracking of price changes  

Option 3: Price Tables

Following the approach of traditional ERP systems, price tables can be used to manage Consulting & Service Rates

  • Multiple price lists can be defined:

  • Price lists are assigned to customers 
  • Price lists can have a dynamic number attributes, e.g. (Project Type, Material, Customer Type)

  • A "Price Finder Algorithm" evaluates the price that suits best.

  • Pro's:
    • Most flexible management of prices, e.g. defining prices for region, sales channel, customer type, etc.
    • Changes of rates are tracked, historic data can be easily accessed
    • Price tables can contain additional information items such as notes/attachments
    • Cost calculation can be performed in retrospective by applying an updated price table for a given period 

Feasibility Study:
Extension of material implementation to allow in-depth pricing


  • Allow definition of sales prices on "User" and "Project" level
    e.g.: A service provided by an employee towards a customer can be charged depending on a "Project" or "Project Type"

  • Prices for materials can have a limited validity (term -> start date / end date) 


Implementation options:

a) Leave materials "as-is" and develop a wrapper application for extended price management

b) Extend existing "material" implementation



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