Intranet UoM

Unit of Measure (UoM) serve to specify units in the financial system.

The units "Unit", "Hour" and "Day" have special meaning:

  • Unit is used as a general default.
  • Hour and Day are used in the timesheet package to automatically calculate project advance and timesheet tracking.
S-Word (source word), T-Word (target word), S-Line (source line), T-Line (target line) and Page are specific to the translation packages.

Constant Values

The following values are constants and should not be modified or deleted. However, it is OK to disable UoMs and it might be OK to add new values if you know what you are doing.

 category_id | category
         320 | Hour
         321 | Day
         322 | Unit
         323 | Page
         324 | S-Word
         325 | T-Word
         326 | S-Line
         327 | T-Line
         328 | Week
         329 | Month


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