CRM Sales Forecasting

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The purpose of Sales Forecasting is to estimate the sales in the future as input to Resource Planning and Financial Planning processes.

Process Activities

  • Identification and collection of all potential projects for the forecasting period
  • Determine the overall business environment and macroeconomic factors
  • Estimation of volume, status and probability and for each potential project

Process Input

  • The list of all potential processes from CRM
  • The list new customer prospects
  • Historical data about the conversion rates of potential projects and correction factors (see below)
  • Rough estimation of the resources needed to execute the potential projects

Process Output

  • A forecast of sales in the forecasting period
  • A forecast of the resources required in the forecasting period
  • Correction to the estimation process: By comparing past estimated sales vs. real sales, the estimation process can be improved. In particularly, a correction factor can be calculated for the estimation parameters probability and volume of a project.

Process Support by ]po[

  • ]po[ can capture all sales leads and projects in a potential status using the standard core package.
  • Each project can be equipped with dynamic fields for probability, volume and status in the CRM sales pipeline.
  • Probability, volumne and status of projects can be shown in a portfolio view.
  • In resource management, a report is available showing the forecasted resource needs over different time periods (not yet implemented)
  • A number of indicators and statistics are available (not yet implemented).

Process Indicators

  • Forecasted 6 month revenues
  • Forecasted 6 month resource requirements
  • Correction factors (deviation between forecast and reality in the past) for project volume and probability per estimator.
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