]po[-Sync is a Windows/Linux/Mac desktop client that allows you to synchronize project files with the server and with other users.



  • Works off-line, only needs to be on-line for synchronization 
  • Versioned files, never loose any data
  • File versions include comments from the users who created them



Installation from Source on Windows

Please enter the following commands using the "Cyngwin64" shell that comes as part of the ]project-open[ Windows installer. This CygWin shell already includes most of the tools that are necessary to build ]po[-Sync, except NodeJS. So we need to install this first:

Install NodeJS 

  • Go to https://nodejs.org/en/download/ and download the Windows installer.
  • Run the installer. Make sure you check the "Add to path" option.
  • You may have to leave the CygWin shell and start a new shell in order to have "npm" in your PATH.

 Setup the Project Folder

  • Choose the folder where you want to install ]po[-Sync (we are going to use "d:\" for this example)
  • cd d:\

Now please continue with "Common Installation Tasks".


Installation from Source on Linux

The following instructions should work on any moderately new Linux version (CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu, ...).

  • Install NodeJS ("apt install nodejs" or "yum install nodejs")
  • Choose a location for the project folder (we are going to use /home/projop/ in this example)
  • cd /home/projop

Now please continue with "Common Installation Tasks".


Common Tasks for Installation from Source

These tasks are the same between Windows/CygWin and any Linux variant.

Get the Source Code

  • git clone https://gitlab.project-open.net/projop/po-sync.git
  • cd po-sync


Install NodeJS Libraries

We assume that you are now in your po-sync directory, that "npm" is available and that you will have the source code available (main.js, app.js, view/, store/, controller/ etc.).

  • cd po-sync
  • npm install --save-dev electron
  • npm install electron-store
  • npm install directory-tree

Start ]po[-Sync

  • npm start

That's it, you should see a login window now.

Please enter the URL of your server and your credentials in order to login.




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