Editable HTML template for Financial Documents

  • Financial documents created with ]po[ can only be edited when created based on ODF template
  • When this option is used, mail will be send usually with external email application and transmission is not tracked with ]po[

  • Provide HTML templates for financial documents that can be edited with RTE Xinha
  • Allow creation of a PDF document (optional)
  • Send HTML email with PDF attachment right out of system.

Use cases:

  • User uploads HTML template (already implemented)
  • User marks HTML template as 'editable' (categories 'aux' field?)
  • User creates financial document using editable template
  • User edits financial document using XINHA RTE
  • User previews changes made in financial document
  • User creates PDF document based on HTML template
  • User sends HTML template with PDF attachment (optional) right from ]po[
  • ]po[ creates "Content Repository" item
  • ]po[ tracks email using package intranet-mail-import

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