Admin User Exits

"User Exits" are a technique to inform 3rd party applications about "events" in the ]po[ system. Basically, ]po[ calls certain Unix shell scripts when special actions occur inside the ]po[ system.
user_create(user_id): A new user has been created
user_update(user_id): An existing user has been updated.
user_delete(user_id): A user has been removed from the list of active users
project_create(project_id): A new project has been created
project_update(project_id): An existing project's main data has been modified
project_delete(project_id): A project has been marked with the status "deleted".
Tasks (]project-translation[ and ]project-consulting[ only)
task_create(task_id): A new task has been created
task_assign(task_id, user_id): A task has been assigned to a user
task_update(task_id, new_status_id): A task has been modified
task_finish(task_id): A task has been finished
task_delete(task_id): A task has been deleted.



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