ACS Datatype Please insert translation here... Not used anymore, should read: OpenACS Datatype
ADP Page Página ADP As opposed to TCL Page. Together a TCL + ADP page for a ]project-open[ page
AIM AIM Instant Messenger
AM utilizamos formato 0-24 h? Before noon like 9 am. But please use lower case!
AMS AMS Attribute Management System (OpenACS package)
Absence Ausencia from intranet-absences package: Vacation, sicknesss, bank holiday, ...
Absence Type Tipo de ausencia Vacation, travelling, sickness, ...
Accept Aceptar Should read "Approve" in general. Used in the context of workflows.
Access permissions Privilegios de acceso User security configuration
Account Cuenta ]po[ user account, allowing the user to log in.
Account manager Gestor de cuenta Account message
Accounting Contabilidad In ]po[ used as opposed to "controlling"
Accounting Contact (Persona de) Contacto en Contabilidad Person that will receive Invoices per email
Active Customers Clientes activos Companies of type "customer" with status "active"
Active or Potential Activo o potencial Project status. Includes both "active" and "potential" projects.
Add Stuff Añadir cosas (componentes) Used in the GUI to add Portlet Components to a page, for example the ProjectViewPage.
Organization Organización Should read "company"
Admin Admin Action: short for "administer". Or short for "Administrator"
Admin Absences Ausencias de admin Administer/manage absences
Admin directory Carpeta de admin /admin/. Refers to a special directory for each package, only accessible for administrators.
Administer ... Not used anymore: Replace with "Admin"
Administration Links Enlaces de administración Actions to administrate a package or object.
Administrator Administrador Application administrator
Advanced Filtering Filtrado ampliado (avanzado) Option in the ProjectListPage and other list pages to include DynFields in "filtering" objects to be displayed
Advanced search Búsqueda ampliada (avanzada)... Special option in the Full-Text Search Engine to include special criteria. As opposed to normal "search".
Advertizing Publicidad Business sector, as opposed to Consulting, Translation, ITSM, ...
AIM Screen Name Alias AIM Screen name for AOL Instant Messenger.
Alchemy Catalyst Alchemy Catalyst Translation CAT tool
Alert Type Tipo de alerta Type of alert message
All day event Evento de dÃa completo Calendar item during the whole day
Allocation Asignación Assignment of resources to future projects
Allowances Dietas Amount available for a consultant per day for other expenses. Context: intranet-expenses package
Amount Importe total Sum of an invoice or a quote.
Annual Revenue Cifra de ventas anual How much are we going to make with this customer per year?
Annual recurrence Recurrencia anual An event that repeates annually
Anonymize Anonimizar Make anonymous
Application administrator Administrador de aplicación Specific application admin (only configure ]po[), as opposed to system administrator (Linux, Windows)
Applications Aplicaciones (candidaturas).. Job applications(?)
Approved Aprobado Frequently used workflow status. Contrary of "rejected"
Area code Código postal (area code se utiliza más bien para números de teléfono) Part of an address
Asignee Encargado (asignado) Person assigned to a task
Ass Asg Abbreviation for "Assign" with 3 letters.
Assign Asignar Assign a user to a task or a project.
Associate Asociar Associate one object with another object. For example: Users with projects.
Atril Déjà Atril Déjà Vú CAT tool for translators.
Attach a file Adjuntar un archivo Adding a file to an object.
Attribute Atributo Object attribute, field of a ]po[ object, such as "project name".
Authentication Autenticación Verify the combination of username/password
Authority Autoridad Refers to an LDAP server that keeps user's passwords
Auto Assigment Autoasignación Automatic assignment of resources to tasks.
Availability % % disponibilidad like: 100% available
Average Bill Age Antigüedad media factura proveedor Average age of financial document "provider bill"
Average Invoice Age Antigüedad media factura cliente Average age of financial document "customer invoice"
Average Quality Calidad media Quality level, used in translation quality package
B - No the best B - Mejorable Result of a translation test.
B-Date Fecha de BIOS BIOS Date
B-Manufacturer Fabricante de BIOS BIOS Manufacturer = company creating this BIOS
B-Version Versión de BIOS BIOS Version string
BCC BCC Email: Blind Carbon Copy as, opposed to CC.
BIOS BIOS Computer's Basic Input Output System
Back up La explicación no se corresponde con el término inglés (Copia de seguridad) Request for the user to press the "back" button of the browser.
Backup Copia de seguridad de base de datos Database backup
Ban this user Vetar (bloquear) a este usuario Exclude this user from the ]po[ system.
Bank Account Cuenta bancaria Account
Bank Holiday "Bank Holiday" (festivos en GB) Free day, according to the local regulations.
Bank transfer Transferencia bancaria Money transfer to a bank account, "wire transfer".
Banned Vetado Status of a user who was removed from the system.
Batch Synchronization Sincronización en bloque Synchronize two system completely. May take quite long. As opposed to on-demand synchronization
Batch sync Sinc. bloque Batch synchronization
Become this user! ¡Convertirse en este usuario! An administrator may login as a less privileged user without giving a password.
Benefit Beneficio (profit creo que serÃa la palabra correcta). Benefit es más bien "ventaja" Same as profit?
Best regards, Saludos cordiales, Relatively formal end of email.
Big Brother Big Brother IT application for monitoring if servers work. Please don't translate.
Bill Factura Short for "Provider Bill" = an invoice from a provider towards the "internal" company.
Bill Units Unidades a facturar Short for billable units
Billable ? ¿Facturable? Is this item billable to a customer?
Billable Units Unidades a facturar As opposed to "effective units"
Billable company? ¿Se le puede facturar? Can we bill our costs to the company? ONGs are non-billable for example.
Billable wordcount Contaje de palabras a facturar As opposed to "effective wordcount": The amount of words billable to the user.
Billing rate Tarifa a facturar Bill the customer at which price per unit?
Bio Bio (quizá CV o Historial) Short for Biography
Birthdate Fecha de nacimiento Date of birth.
Biz Neg Short for Business
Body Shopping Bodyshopping (ver Wikipedia) Business practice of consulting: Sell a consultant to a customer. "Sell a body..."
Branch Office Delegación As opposed to "Main Office"
Budget Presupuesto Maximum amount to spend for a project
Budget Hours Horas presupuestadas Maximum amount of consultant's hours to spend on a project.
Bug Bug (no creo que sea conveniente españolizarlo) Error in a software package
Bug-Tracker Sistema de seguimiento de errores ]po[ package to deal with software bugs.
Bulk Mail Correo masivo Same as "spam": mass mailing
Bulk Update Actualización en bloque Update a lot of objects with a single button.
Business object Objeto empresarial A project, company, user, timesheet task, ...
CC CC as opposed to BCC: Carbon Copy of an email
CSV CSV Comma Separated Values - format for exporting data to Excel
Calendar Calendario Global or personal calendar = group of calendar items.
Calendar Item Elemento de calendario A single element of a calendar
Callback Callback OpenACS pattern, allowing one part of the system to "call back" to another part of ]po[ in case of certain events.
Cancel Cancelar Frequently used button in HTML pages
Cancel and return Cancelar y volver Frequently used button in HTML pages.
Canceled Cancelado Workflow status
Capacity Capacidad Capacity of a resource
Capitalization Capitalizar (es una función o un atributo?) Upper case
Caption TÃtulo Header/title of an image
Case ... Workflow case
Cash Efectivo Form of payment.
Catalyst Catalyst CAT translation tool
Category CategorÃa Category to classify objects. "Project Type" is a category for example.
Category Hierarchy Árbol de categorÃas A "tree" (=hierarchical order) of categories
Category Tree Maintenance Mantenimiento de árbol de categorÃas Modifying a "tree" (=hierarchical order) of categories
Change Cambiar Action, such as "Admin"
Chat Chat Option for chat application
Cheque Cheque Cache cheque
Children Hijos Elements in a Category Hierarchy
Choose Seleccionar Action like "Admin" or "Change"
Citizenship Nacionalidad Field of a user.
City Ciudad Part of Office address information
Claim Reclamación Financial: get money
Cleanup Demo Users Borrar usuarios de demo Dangerous action to delete all users in the ]po[ system
Clear Borrar (Limpiar) Action like "Admin" or "Choose"(?)
Client Cliente Not used anymore, please use "Customer".
Clone Clonar Duplicate a project, so the "clone" project is an identical copy.
Close Cerrar Action, like Admin or Choose.
Close your account Cerrar mi cuenta (comprobar, porque no conozco esta opción) Message during user account management
Collection Colección A group of objects
Column Columna A "DynView" consists of several columns.
Comma separated Valores Separados por Comas (CSV) CSV, comma separted values, a file format for Excel export
Comment Adjuntar comentario Action (like: Comment on the project)(?)
Community Comunidad Group of people working on a subject, can mean all users of a ]po[ system.
Company Empresa "Company" object in ]po[, refers to a "legal person" as opposed to a "natural person". Includes customers, providers and partners.
Company status Estatus de la empresa Status of a company, such as "active", "closed", "deleted", ...
Company type Tipo de empresa Type of a company, such as "Customer", "Provider", ...
Conf Item Elem conf (o dejar en inglés?) Short for Configuration Item
Configuration Item Elemento de configuración Special term from ITIL refering to an inventory item in an IT organization
Confirm Confirmar Action like "admin" or "choose"
Confirmed Confirmado (masculino, porque se refiere a flujos de trabajo y objetos) Workflow or object status after confirming
Consulting ConsultorÃa Business sector, like translation or ITSM
Contact Persona de contacto A person related to a company, either external ("customer contact") or internal ("key account manager")
Contact Rel Employment Rel laboral pers. contacto Employment relationship with a company: where is the guy employed?
Contact's history Histórico persona contacto In Contact context: history of actions performed by the person
Contacts Contactos (suena ambiguo, pero es corto) "intranet-contacts" package
Content Folder Carpeta de contenidos A folder to hold content items.
Content Item Elemento de contenido Generic superclass of "Image", "Wiki Page", "Content Folder", ...
Content Repository Repositorio de contenidos Repository to keep Content Items and Content Folders. OpenACS Package/Service.
Continue Continuar (Siguiente, en una secuencia de pantallas) Action like "Admin" or "Choose"
Copy Copiar Action
Corel Catalyst Corel Catalyst CAT took, please don't translate
Cost Center Centro de coste Part of a company's financial hierarchy. In ]po[ a cost center can also be a "department"
Country code Código de paÃs 3 digit code for countries.
Create Crear Action like "Admin" or Choose
Currency Moneda | Divisa EUR, USD, CAD and JPY are default currencies in ]po[
Customer Document Documento para cliente Financial items send towards a customer. Includes Invoice, Delivery Note and Quote.
Customer Invoice Factura a cliente In ]po[ we always use "Customer Invoice" vs. "Orovider Bill".
Customers Clientes Context user groups: as opposed to freelancers, employees & customers
Data-Warehouse Data-Warehouse Special type of reporting.
DB Error Error de la Base de Datos Database Error
DBI interfaces
Not used anymore
DTP DTP | Autoedición Desk Top Publishing
Dangerous Peligroso Warning for users that the following actions can render their system useless.
Dashboard Panel de control
Like a plan's cockpit, a dashboard shows a number of "indicators" that allow a manager to check the status of his company.
Date Range Intervalo de dÃas Time interval
Day rolling period Periodo recurrente de 1 dÃa Unit of advancing one day, translates into "days".
Debit advice Nota de cargo
See financial terminology
Debugging Depurar
Removing bugs from source code.
Decimal number Número decimal
Type of number
Del Bor Action, like "admin" or "choose"
Delete Borrar Action like "admin" or choose". Alternatively: As opposed to "nuke". "nuke" physically removes the object, while "delete" only marks the object as deleted. "Nuke" is a very dangerous action in ]po[ and not available to normal users, so please translate into something funny/dangerous to catch attention
Delinquent user Usuario infractor Funny term for a user that didn't log his hours.
Demo Projects Proyectos de Demo Projects provided together with the "Tigerpond" demo company.
Department Departmento A type of "cost center" where users are emplyed.
Dependent Objects Objetos dependientes Objects that depend on the current object. These objects can't be deleted if the current object exists.
DevAdmin AdminDes
Short for development administrator
Digits DÃgitos 0..9: allowed characters in a string, for example in the Project Nr.
Directory Directorio | Carpeta... Folder in the file storage
Disable Desactivar Action like "enable" or "delete"
Discard Descartar | Omitir Action like "skipping"
Discussion Discusión
Type of forum topic, as poosed to Task, Incident or News
Disk Size Tamaño de disco Size of a hard disk
Display Mostrar Should be replace by "show"
Document Documento File in the filestorage
Draft Quality Calidad Borrador Very bad translation quality
Driver Driver Software driver
Duration Days Duración en dÃas Duration of an Absence
DynField DynField Dynamic Field, allows to add new fields to projects, customers, users etc.
E-mail Correo electrónico | Email Electronic mail
Edit Editar Action, like "admin" or "change". Also: Trans workflow stage: 2st stage: trans - edit - proof - other
Effective Date Fecha efectiva For invoices: Due date = effective date + payment days
Effective wordcount Contaje de palabras efectivo As opposed to "billable wordcount": Approximation to the real effort that it takes to translate a file
Emergency Emergencia Urgency level of tasks(?)
Employee Empleado User profile, as opposed to freelancer and customer.
End Date Fecha fin Project End Date - when should the project be finished?
Envelopes Contenedores Some data that might enclose some other data, just like an envelope enclosed a letter...
Equals Igual a Same as "="
Equipment Equipamiento Generic term for hardware
Erase ... Not used anymore, please replace by "delete".
Evaluation Valoración Evaluation of a user
Exchange Rate Tipo de cambio Context: intranet-exchange-rates package
Execution Project Proyecto de ejecución (traducción no confirmada)
An 'Execution Project' is a copy of a project designed to be completely separated from any references to the initial project in order to keep the customer anonymous.
Expense Gasto Same as expense item
Expense Item Gasto Context: intranet-expenses package: A single "ticket", such as an airplain ticket.
Expense Bundle Paquete de gastos A group of expense items grouped together
Export Companies CSV Exportar empresas en un CSV Export the list of companies to MS-Excel
Extension table Tabla de extensión An additional SQL table, to extend an object's main table.
FAQs P+F | FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Fax Fax Address field
Feature Prestación Characteristics of a software
File Archivo File in a file storage
File attachment Archivo adjunto An attachment consisting of a file.
Filesize Tamaño de archivo Size of a file
Filestorage Filestorage po[ package, where files associated to a project can be stored.
Filesystem Sistema de ficheros Hard disk of a server
Filter Filtro | Filtrar Selection criteria to list objects in the ProjectListPage and other list pages.
Filtering Filtrado Reduce the number of objects in a list page.
Finance Finanzas Context packages: Finance area of ]po[
Financial Document Documento financiero General term for all financial items such as quotes, invoice, purchase orders. As opposed to "financial item" which refers to expenses, timesheet and other "minor" expenses.
Financial Summary Resumen financiero Portlet of a project: Shows the summarized financial information.
Financial Item Elemento financiero as opposed to financial document: Only refers to the internal financial items, and not the ones sent to customers or provider.
First Names Nombre First name(s) of a user. Always in plural.
Flush Vaciar caché Like a toilet, a "cache memory" is emptied.
Folder Carpeta | Directorio Folder in a file storage containing files
Footer Pie Email footer.
For details Más detalles Allowing the user to drill-down into details.
Form Preview Vista previa (del formulario) Preview a form (= The fields of a project or other objects)
Forum Foro A ]po[ package "intranet-forum"
Forum items Elementos de foro Bad: should be "Forum topic".
Forum task Tarea de foro As opposed to timesheet task or gantt task
Forward Reenviar Send email to others.
Freelancer Autónomo | Freelance As opposed to Employee or Customer: User profile
Freelance Manager Gestor de freelancers As opposed to Employee or Customer: User profile
From Scratch Desde cero
Create a financial document "ad hoc", not referring to information from projects etc.
From Timesheet Tasks A partir de tareas de HCT Base the creation of a financial document on timesheet information and hours logged by the user.
From Translation Tasks A partir de tareas de traducción Base the creation of a financial document on information about translation tasks.
FtsEngineDriver Motor de búsqueda BTC Full Text Search Engine Driver
Full Member Componentes de pleno derecho One of the "user roles": as opposed to "Project Manager" or "Key Account Manager".
Full Time Equivalents Equivalentes de tiempo completo A person employed 20 hours/week = 0.5 Full Time Equivalents
Functionality Funcionalidad Functionality of a software package.
Gantt Gantt Inventor of these project charts with the bars in the calendar.
GanttProject GanttProject Software application for project management, similar to MS-project, please don't translate
Generate Invoice from Generar facturar a partir de Create an invoice document based on another document.
Generic PM GP genérica Generic Project Management
Get Obtener Action such as "delete" or "admin"
Glossary Comp. Creac. glosario Short for Glossary Compilation
Glossary Compilation Creación de glosario Frequent task in translation projects before translation starts.
Go Ir Action
Grand Total Importe total
Total sum of a list of financial items.
Grant Conceder Action (grant permissions)
Group Grupo Action (such as "ungroup"). Also: Group of users.
Heading Cabecera Heading of a page.
Help Ayuda Link for help page.
Home Line 1 Particular LÃnea 1 Address line 1 of the "home address" of a user.
Host Job Order Orden de trabajo en host
Number of a "job" task in a "host computer" (big IBM computers)
Host Release Release en host
Software release in a "host" (big IBM computer) environment
Hour Hora Unit of measure, such as "Day" or "Unit"
Hourly Cost Coste por hora
How much does it the company cost (total costs) to have an employee work one hour?
Hourly rate Tarifa horaria
For how much can we sell an employ to a customer?
Hours Dedication Disponibilidad en horas
How many hours did he/she dedicate?
HR Managers Director de RR.HH. The Profile (=group) managing human resources
Human Resources Recursos Humanos | HH.RR. Company department
ICQ ICQ I Seek You messenger
ID ID Identifier of an object, frequently used field of any object.
ISO Code Código ISO Country ISO code abbreviation
Image attachment Imagen adjunta Attachment to be shown as an image
Import Company CSV Importar CVS de empresas Upload a CSV file including a list of companies
Import a file Importar un fichero Upload a file into some ]po[ page
In Process Procesando
Status of a workflow
Inbox Entrada Email inbox
Incident Incidencia
Type of ticket, as opposed to "Problem", "Change (request)", "Issue"
Inherit Heredar
Characteristics taken from a "parent" object.
Inherited Permissions Permisos heredados Permissions granted to a "parent" object, but valid at the current object.
Input Devices Dispositivo de entrada Mouse, keyboard, ...
Input Error Error de entrada Error when entering data
Inquiring ... Status of a bug request
Inquiry Type ... How did the customer inquire about us?
Instances of ... Objects of a specific type
Interest Level ... How much is the customer interested?
Internal Error ... ]po[ faces internal problems (not related to the user)
Internal company ... One company in ]po[ has the company_nr 'internal' (please don't translate). This 'internal' indicates to the financial system that this is our company as the counterpart for financial documents.
Invalid Object Type ... Part of an error message
Invite ... Action like "admin" or "choose"
Invited ... Status for invitations in the RFQ package.
Invoice ... Short for "Customer Invoice"
Is after ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Is before ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Is greater than ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Is less than ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Is more than ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Is not ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Is not set ... condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Issue ... Type of ticket, as opposed to "Problem", "Change (request)", "Incident"
Key Account ... Short for Key Account Manager
Key Account Manager ... A person who can modify company information
Key Accountant ... incorrect, should be key account manager.
Last 24 hours Últimas 24 horas Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Last Name Apellido(s) Last name of a use. Always in singular.
Last interacted not in the last ... Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Last interaction in the last ... Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Last month Mes pasado Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Last week Semana pasada Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Law Company ... Business sector, such as translation, consulting, advertising
Layout Manager ... Part of ]po[ that manages how a form should be presented to a user.
Leave community ... Remove user from ]po[
Less than ago ... Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Linguistic Val. ... Linguistic Validation
List ... Action like "admin" or "choose"
Lists Listas In Contacts context: List of attributes
Localization Localización Adaption of a computer program to other languages
Log Absences Añadir Ausencias Enter vacation or sickness days into the system. "Absence" may be translated as "Permiso" or "Baja"
Log hours Registrar horas Enter hours spent on projects into the timesheet
MLV Translation Agency ... Multi Language Vendor
Mac OS X Mac OS X Operating System, please don't translate
Machine Translation ... Step in a translation workflow
Mail Merge ... Combine a mail template with contact information to create a mass mailing.
Mail Through ... Sending mail without recording the mail.
Mail Tracking ... Record mails send or received by ]po[
Main Menu Menú principal Topmost menu in the system
Main Office Oficina central As opposed to sales office
Main Project Proyecto principal As opposed to subproject.
Maintenance Project Proyecto de mantenimiento Type of project for ongoing activities.
Manage ... Activity such as "admin" or "change"
Mandatory Obligatorio Required information
Mark as Read Marcar como leÃdo Action in the "forum" package
Mark as Unread Marcar como no leÃdo Action in the "forum" package
Marriage Status ... Field of a person
Material Material Type of good or service that a company could sell. For example "project manager hour" or "software license"
Memory Meomoria Computer memory
Menu Menú Implements tabs and other links in the ]po[ system
Merge Contacts Fusionar contactos Unify the information about two persons.
Mine Mios Refers to projects where the user himself is a member of. Depending on the context, could be ok "Los mios".
Skill Level ... Concept from intranet-freelancers-rfq package: Minimum skill level for a postition, for example.
Mkt ... abbreviation for Marketing
Moderated Moderado Like: moderated list
Monthly Salary Salario mensual Amount to pay to an employee
Monthly Social Security SS.SS. mensual
Amount of social security to pay to the govenment for employing an employee
Multilizer Multilizer CAT translation tool
Multiselect Multiopción A kind of drop-down box in ]po[ where the user can select more then one item.
My Account Mi cuenta Link point to information about the current user.
NDA Signed? ¿Firmado acuerdo de confidencialidad?
Non Disclosure Agreement signed?
Natural number Número natural Type of number = integer >0
Needs Approval Pendiente de aprobación
Workflow status
Needs clarification Se necesita aclaración Workflow status
New Cost Nuevo elemento financiero
Please replace with: "New Financial Item".
New Cost Item Nuevo elemento financiero Please replace with: "New Financial Item".
News Noticias Type of forum topic
Next Siguiente Link in a "paginated list page", pointing to the next page.
No Big Kahuna Falta el Gran Jefe
Funny error message, if the "top boss" is missing in the company hierarchy.
Not commented on in last No comentado / comentada en los / las últimos / últimas
Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Not created in the last No creado en los / las últimos / últimas
Condition for creating (SQL) "searches"
Note Comentario Context intranet-forum package: type of "forum topic", as opposed to "discussion" or task. Context intranet-notes package: universal comment to be added to all types of ]po[ objects.
Notification Interval Intervalo de envÃo Daily, hourly, instant
Notification Type Tipo de notificación Notification via Email, SMS or Bongo?
Nr. Núm. Frequently used field of objects, like "Project Nr.". "Nr." will be replaced by "Num" in the future.
Nuke Eliminar as opposed to "delete". "nuke" physically removes the object, while "delete" only marks the object as deleted. "Nuke" is a very dangerous action in ]po[ and not available to normal users, so please translate into something funny/dangerous to catch attention
Num Slots Núm. de ranuras
Number of "slots" in a computer.
OACS Widget Widget OpenACS
Please replace with: OpenACS Widget
Object Objeto generic term, as opposed to "business object"
Office Oficina The venue/delivery address of a company. A company can have multiple offices.
On-Demand Sync Sincronización manual As opposed to batch sync.
One Time Password Contraseña de un solo uso Password that only works a single time.
Online status Estado de la conexión Is a user online at this moment?
OpenACS Widget OpenACS Widget As opposed to ]po[ widget.
Operator Operador Contacts context: AND, OR, +, - type of operator.
Ophelia Ophelia Translation management system.
Option Opción One element in a drop-down box, "option" in general.
Ordering Ordenación Type of ordering in lists.
Org Chart Organigrama Short for organization chart, company hierarchy
Organization Organización Contacts context: A company
Other Otros Trans workflow stage: 4st stage: trans - edit - proof - other
Ouch! ¡Epa! Funny error message.
P/O Admin P/O Admin Profile for application administrator
Package Paquete ]po[ package (unit of installation)
Page Página HTML page
Pager Buscapersonas Field in a person's address information
Paid Amount Importe satisfecho
Amount of money paid, in the context of financial documents.
Paid Currency Divisa Currency in which the "paid amount" has been paid.
Paper Type ???? Address field of a person.
Parameter Parámetro ]po[ parameter to control the configuration
Parametrization Parametrización The configuration of a piece of ]po[ using parameters
Parent Categories CategorÃas padre (de jerarquÃa superior)
The more general super-category
Parent Group Grupo padre (de jerarquÃa superior)
The more general super-group
Parent Project Proyecto padre (de jerarquÃa superior)
The project higher up in the project tree
Party Parte (suena raro, quizá "Individuo")
As opposed to user or person: A party is a person plus an email.
Party Revision Revisión de parte
Version of the specific party
Pasolo Pasolo Translation CAT tool
Password Confirmation Confirmar contraseña The password a second time in order to avoid errors.
Past Due Impagado The invoice should already have been paid, but is isn't
Past Projects Proyectos cerrados Projects of a user that have already been closed.
Path Ruta (de directorios) Path in the filesystem
PayPal PayPal Financial transfer service
Payment Days Condiciones de pago
Number of days for the customer to pay the invoice, starting at "effective date".
Payment Details Detalles del pago Detailed information about a payment
Payment Method Forma de pago Bank transfer, cache, Visa, ...
Payment Status Estado del pago Paid or Pending
Payment Terms Condiciones de pago Same as payment days, basically.
Payment Type Tipo de pago Please replace with "Payment Method"
Pending Pendiente Status of some object.
Percent Completed Porcentaje completado 100% means the project has been finished.
Permission Permiso Permission to perform an action in ]po[
Person Persona Group context: A user without right to logon to ]po[, as opposed to user or party.
Plain Text Texto plano | Texto sin formato As opposed to HTML formatted text
Planned Units ... Number of hours required (as estimated by the project manager) for completing a timesheet task.
Please confirm Por favor, confirme Action request
Please note ... Please take note that ...
Plugin Component ... A "gray boxe" in ]po[ with information associated to project, companies, users etc.
Port Puerto Computer port
Portrait Foto A picture of the current user. Literally is a "Retrato", but it sounds better as photo.
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL The database underlying ]po[
Posting Date Fecha de envio When has the forum topic been generated?
Potential Potencial Status of project or companies.
Potential Project Proyecto potencial A project in status "Potential"
Pre-revenue ... A customer whith whom we haven't made any money yet.
Preformatted Preformateado A hard disk that has already been formatted.
Preinstalled Hard Disk Disco duro preinstalado a hard disk already installed with an operating system
Prelim Profit ... Preliminary profit: Based on Custmer quotes and purchase orders, and not on invoices and bills
Preliminary Costs ... Sum of purchase orders and a timesheet budget.
Premium Quality ... Highest quality level for translations
Pretty Name ... Pretty name for an object.
Pretty Plural ... Plural of pretty name for an object.
Preview Vista preliminar Preliminary view of an invoice, before sending it per Email.
Previous Anterior Link to the previous page in a "paginated" list page.
Price List Lista de precios. List of prices at a company's page. Also: "Tarifas" and/or "Precios"
Primary contact ... as opposed to "accounting contact"
Priority Prioridad Priority level for "task" forum topcis or bugs.
Privilege Privilegio Specific ]po[ term: A specific permission for a user profile to perform a specific action.
Problem ... Type of ticket, as opposed to "Incident", "Change (request)", "Issue"
Profile Perfil User Profile, as opposed to role or group: Employee , Project Manager , Senior Manager
Profit & Loss ... Profit of a project: Difference of Invoices - Bills - Timesheet - Expenses.
Project Proyecto Main object in ]po[
Project Nr. Número de proyecto Short for Project Number, unique. Also valid "Código de proyecto"
Project Number Número de proyecto Please replace with "Project Nr."
Project Path ... Location of the project's files in a file server.
Project from Template ... Create a new project as a copy of a "template" previous project
Project margin ... Percentual difference = Profit / Sum of costs.
Proof ... Translation workflow stage: 3st stage: trans - edit - proof - other
Proof Only ... Translation workflow consisting of a single step, only proof reading a text.
Proofing ... Translation workflow status, when the task is in the stage "proof"
Provider Proveedor Company offering services in ]po[.
Provider Bill ... In ]po[ we use "customer invoice" vs. "provider bill"
Provider Document ... Financial document send towards providers: Provider Bills and Purchase Orders.
Public Público Context profiles: refers to everybody using a ]po[ system
Purchase Order ... A financial document ordering services from a provider.
Purchase Price ... Price for purchasing a service
Qualifying ... Project status, sub-type of "potential"
Quality Level ... What quality does a provider usually deliver?
Quality Reports ... Form filled out by a reviewer to judge the quality of a translation
Quarter Trimestre 3 months
Query ... A question from a translator to be clarified by the project manager.
Quote ... A financial document towards a customer, offering a service.
Quote Out ... Project status, sub-type of "potential"
Quoting ... Project status, sub-type of "potential"
RFC RFC Request for Change, from ITIL terminology
RFQ ... Request for Quotation, from financial terminology
Radio Buttons Botones de opción HTML form element - One Option Allowed
Rate ... Price of a consultant towards a customer
Reassign Topic ... Assign topic to another person
Recipient Destinatario Email recipient
Recover Password Recuperar contraseña A user can request that a new password is sent to his email account.
Recr Status ... Recruiting Status
Recr Test ... Recruiting Test
Recurrence ... Repetition frequency of calendar items.
Redirect Redirección | Redireccionar ]po[ will return to that page.
Referral Source ... Who provided the referral?
Referred By Referenciado por Who provided the referral?
Registration Registro Process of registering a user in ]po[
Reibursable % ... Percent of an Expense Item to be reimbursable to the consultant who paid it.
Reject Rechazar Action within an approval workflow
Rejected Rechazado | Rechazada Project or workflow status.
Relationship Relación Link between two objects in ]po[, for example a project and a user.
Relationship types Tipos de relación Employee relationship, group member relationship, ...
Remove ... Action, like "delete".
Render TCL ... TCL code to "render" (=display) the contents of a column
Reopen your account Reabrir su cuenta de usuario Message for users whose account has been closed.
Rep ... short for Repeat?
Repeating Cost ... Should be "repeating financial item": Monthly or othewise periodically ocurring financial item.
Repetitions ... Translation context: Number from Trados or other CAT tools on repeating words in a text
Reply Responder Action to a forum topic.
Report Informe Report for extracting statistics from ]po[
Reported Units ... Number of hours of a timesheet task actually logged by the users.
Reporting Informes Menu tab leading to the list of reports.
Request ... Action asking for something.
Request Error ... Error during a HTTP "request" operation.
Request For Change Solicitud de cambio RFQ, a kind of ticket, part of ITIL terminology
Request Notification Solicitar notificación Ask for notification
Request Membership Solicitar alta Ask for membership of a project or customer.
Requested ... Status of a project
Required ... Status of a project
Required Skills ... Context skill management: The skills a user needs to have for a specific project.
Reset ... Action like "delete" or "admin"
Reset Stuff Resetear Command to re-establish all Portlet Components in a ]po[ ViewPage
Resorce Planning Report ... Report to identify how many people are already assigned to projects.
Restore Restaurar Oposite of Backup
Revisions Revisiones Versions of a Content Item from the Content Repository
Revoke Revocar Delete permissions
Revoke privilege Revocar privilegio Remove/reverse previously given permissions.
Richtext Texto enriquecido... Type of HTML form element, like a textbox, but allowing for HTML text.
Role Rol Project Role, as opposed to profile or group : PM=Project Manager, F=Full Member, ...
Salary Salario Money per month an employee will receive.
Payments per Year Pagas al año Number of payments of salary per year.
Salary Period Periodo remunerado
By default "one year".
Sales Ventas Department, similar to "Marketing"
Save Guardar Action like "delete" or "admin"
Save As Guardar como Action
Save Changes Guardar cambios Action, please translate like "Save"
Scheduling Planificación Set the date(s) for some action. Maybe "Programación" or "Planificación"
Score Puntuación Result of a valuation.
Search criteria Criterios de búsqueda Information for a search
Searches Búsquedas In Contacts context: stored search
Sel Sel Short for action "select"
Select Elegir | Seleccionar Action "select"
Send Enviar Action
Senior Managers Directivos Senior
User profile, similar to Project Managers
Service Servicio Like "Service Management"
Show Ver | Mostrar Action
Sick Enfermedad Type of absence
Signature Firma Lower part of an Email
Site-Wide Admin Administrador de todo el sitio P/O Admin
Site-Wide Administrators Administradores de todo el sitio Same as P/O Admin, master of the (]po[) universe
Skill ... Human resources skill
Skill Type ... For example: "source language" for translators.
Skill Weight ... Importance of a skill when taking a decision
Skin ... Colors and GUI of ]po[ selectable by a user.
Slots ... Memory slots in a computer, PCI slots, ...
Snapshot ... The configuration of a complex object at a certain moment
Social Security Seguridad Social Field of an Employee: How much does he receive per month in SS?
Software Software Type of Config Item
Software Company Empresa de software Type of company
Software Development Desarrollo de software Type of project
Software Maintenance Mantenimiento de software
Type of project
Software Release Lanzamiento de software
Type of project
Software Updates Actualización de software Mechanism in ]po[ to update the system.
Some Importance Cierta importancia
Degree of Skill Weight
Sort By Ordenar por How should a list be sorted?
Sort Order Orden | Ordenación. How should a list be sorted?
Source Language Languaje origen
Translate from what language?
Source word Palabra origen
Unit of translation, counting the words in the source language
Spam Correo masivo
Funny name to refer to mass mailings.
Staff Personal Employees only
Standard Quality Calidad estándar
Translation quality level
Star Transit Star Transit
Translation CAT tool
Start Block Inicio de bloque
Technical term of the first day of each month.
Start Date Fecha de inicio First day of a project. Also valid: "Fecha de comienzo"
Storage Devices Dispositivos de almacenamiento
Hard disks, CD-Roms, USB-Sticks, ...
Storage Type Tipo de almacenamiento
How to store a field: In a table, in a separate "skinny table", ...
Strategic Consulting ConsultorÃa estratégica
Type of customer
Subject Area Campo Translation skill type
Submit Enviar Action
Subproject Subprloyecto As opposed to "timesheet task". A sub-project include permissions management, while a task inherits permission from its project
Subquery Subconsulta Part of a SQL query
Subsite Subsitio Section in ]po[. There is usually only one subsite in a ]po[ server.
Subtotal Subtotal Sum of some items in a financial summary.
Successfully finished Completado con éxito
Message after a successful upload.
Supervisor Supervisor Polite for "Boss"
Syndication Feed ... Grouped RSS feed
Sys Config Config sis
Short for System Configuration
System Administrator Administrador del sistema Master of the (]po[) universe. Administrador de la aplicación ]po[
System Release Release de sistema
Software release version
System URL URL del sistema URL of the ]po[ instance
System administrator Administrador de sistemas Specific Linux or Windows admin, as opposed to application administrator
T-Line ... Translation unit of measure
T-Word ... Translation unit of measure
TAX Tasa(s) As opposed to VAT: Type of tax used in some countries.
TCL Tcl The programming language of ]po[
Table Tabla Database table - the place to store database objects with their fields.
Target Lang ... Short for target language
Target Language ... Translation skill type
Target word ... Translation context
Task ... Translation task, timesheet task, forum task, marketing task, ...
Task Action ... Actions to take for a specific task
Tec ... Subject area types for translation
Tec-Auto ... Subject area types for translation
Tec-Gen ... Subject area types for translation
Tec-Mech eng ... Subject area types for translation
Tec-Telecos ... Subject area types for translation
Technology TecnologÃa Subject area types for translation
Termination Date ... End of employment relationship between a company and a person
Termination Reason ... Reason why an employment relationship has ended.
Textbox Caja de texto HTML form element.
Ticket ... Type of small project, may be incident ticket, problem ticket, change ticket etc.
Time plan ... Short for Planned Timesheet Costs.
Timesheet Horas (trabajadas) List of hours logged per day or week. En menúes y pestaña: "Horas", en los tÃtulos de página "Horas trabajadas"
Timesheet Cost ... Cost for the time of employees who have dedicated time to a project
Timesheet Cube ... Data-warehouse cube for reporting on timesheets
Timesheet Customers and Projects ... Name of a report showing timesheet information by custmer and project.
Timesheet Invoice ... Special type of invoice, when created based on timesheet tasks.
Timesheet entry ... A single "hour" logged in the timesheet
Timesheet task ... As opposed to "gantt task" or "forum task"
Timestamp Marca de tiempo Date when an object has been created or changed.
Total Amount ... Total sum of an invoice, but possibly before before discounts or taxes.
Total Due ... Total sum to be paid.
Trados ... CAT application
Trados ... CAT tool
Trados Wordcount ... An extimation of the number of words to translate, including discounts from already translated words.
Trans ... Trans workflow stage: 1st stage: trans - edit - proof - other
Trans ... Translation workflow stage
Trans Edit ... Translation workflow type
Trans Edit Proof ... Translation workflow type
Trans Int Spotcheck ... Translation workflow type
Trans Invoice ... Translation invoice, when created based on translation tasks.
Trans Only ... Translation workflow type
Trans Only (Dynamic WF) ... Translation workflow type
Trans RFQ ... Special version of a Request for Quotatation for translation companies.
Trans Tasks ... Translation workflow type
Trans+Ed ... Translation workflow type
Trans+Ed+Proof ... Translation workflow type
Trans+Int.Spotcheck ... Translation workflow type
Trans-ing ... Translation workflow status, short for translating
Transition Transición A stage/step in a Petri-Net workflow
Trust Model ... "Permissive" or "Restrictive"? How much does the company trust its employees?
Turnover ... Revenues per year of a company
Unauthorized ... like "unauthorized access"
Unconfirmed ... Opposite of "confirmed"
Unit of Measure ... One of Hour, Day, Month, Unit, Source-Word, Target-Line, ...
Units ... "A total of X units have been spent on this project": refers to "hours"
Unmap ... Opposite of "mapping" an object to another object. Similar to "associate".
Unsubscribe ... Request no more messages to be sent.
UoM ... Unit of Measure
URL URL Uniform Resource Localizer
User Usuario Group context: A user with the right to logon to ]po[ as opposed to person. Se procurará evitar, en la medida de los posible, utilizar sinónimos como "miembro"
Username ... The system's name for a user, typcially a short name.
VAT IVA Value Added Tax, as opposed to TAX.
Valid From ... Start of active period of a price in a price list
Valid Through ... End of active period of a price in a price list
View Ver Action
View column ... Part of a "Dynamic View / DynView"
Visible ... Online status is (not) visible
Widget ... The widget defines how a DynField should be displayed to the user.
Wiki Wiki Type of content management system (Wikipedia)
Wordcount ... Generic: number of words in a translation task
Workflows ... Flow of action managed by the Petri-Net Workflow Engine
XTr ... X-translated words in the context of Trados or CAT tools.
Zip Código postal ZIP code
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