Language, Date, and Currency

Set Language

The default language setting can be found in the Parameters Admin Menu as the parameter SiteWideLocale in the package "acs-lang". 

The default setting that comes with ]project-open[ is "en_US".  If a language translation string cannot be find, the system will revert to displaying the default language if available.  For information regarding supported languages see Languages and Localization.  You can also set the system wide language as a SysAdmin using the Localization Admin Menu.  Each user however can configure their profile to display ]project-open[ in their desired language.  Using the SiteWideLocale parameter you have only set the default system language applicable to all users if they have not have changed their profiles otherwise.  

(User Profile Locale Settings apply first and foremost, then default system language)


Set Currency 

]project-open[ supports multiple currencies in use at the same time.  In order to activate currencies so that they become present as options in drop down menus and exchange rate updates see Exchange Rate Admin Menu.  To set a default system currency find the parameter DefaultCurrency on the Parameters Admin Menu page and set the parameter to the according three digit ISO currency code.  See supported currencies for a list of ISO codes.  

Adding New Currencies

In order to add a new currency please, have your System Administrator adding the currency to table "currency_codes".


insert into currency_codes (iso, currency_name, supported_p, rounding_factor) values ('RUR','Russian Ruble', 't', 100);


Set Date

Dates follow the default format "YYYY-MM-DD".  ]project-open[ uses OS utilities to set the system time.


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