]po[ Financial Document Item

Financial Document Items (formally called "Invoices Items" or "Invoice Lines") represent individual lines of a financial document, containing a description of each item, a quantity, a unit of measure and a price.

Technically, the Financial Document Item is not an object (a sub-type of acs_object, because its im_invoice_items.item_id primary key field does not reference acs_objects. So in fact, the Financial Document Item just consists of a single table called "im_invoice_items".

Financial Document Item Fields

  • Item Name:
    A human readable name of each invoice item. Max. 200 characters.

  • Project:
    A reference to a project, if the item is associated to a project (ToDo: Explain the type of association).

  • Invoice:
    A reference to the Invoice to which the item belongs. Every item belongs to exactly one invoice.

  • Units:
    How many units are included in this line?

  • Unit of Measure:
    Defines the unit of measure whether units refer to hours, days, months, words etc

  • Price per Unit:
    Defines the price per unit.

  • Currency:
    Defines the currency for the price_per_unit

  • Sort Order:
    Defines the order in which items appear in a financial document.

  • Material:
    Defines the material to which the item refers. Materials refer to goods sold or service types provided.

  • Item Type:
    Not used at the moment.

  • Item Status:
    Not used at the moment.

  • Description:
    Not used at the moment.


  • Financial Document - Financial Document Items form part of a financial document.
  • Timesheet Invoices - the timesheet invoicing package automatically creates financial documents based on timesheet information
  • [Translation Invoices] - the translation invoicing package automatically creates financial documents based on [translation tasks].
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