Memorized Transactions


Memorized Transactions are used to support the following Business Processes:

  • Reoccuring Invoices
  • CRM follow ups
  • Dunning
  • ... all other activities that requiring some level of scheduling


  • Memorized transactions trigger ]po[ Workflows  
  • Workflow provides framework for Actions to be triggered 
  • In very rare cases transactions are triggered without user interaction.
    We strongly support that system activity related to user and client interactions such as sending a dunning letter should be whenever possible triggered by a user.
    If an action is triggered by the system, the system needs to make sure that the actions is overseen by a user or a group of users. In this case the System should "push" any status information in regards to automatic transaction to that user.    

Development Status

  • Basic implementation, additional funding required to finsih


Creating a Memorized Transaction

Example: Creating a Memorized Transaction for an invoice  


Click on link pre-sets WF and Object ID:


List of all Memorized Transactions

 Simple WF to create new invoice:


User will be notified about a new WF instance through WF Inbox and email: 


User acts using one of the Quicklinks provided in the WF Panel:


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