Data Warehouse Package

A data warehouse allows users to see statistics about important business data (such as markets, customers, costs, ...) in a simple and intuitive way. A DW is similar to a collection of reports, but additionally allows the user to "play" with the data interactively, modifying the axis and parameters of the reports in real-time.

Status: This package is outdated and has been replaced by package-intranet-reporting-cubes.

Data Cubes

Different situations require tailor made Data Warehouse schemes to adequately model their current conditions more appropriately and effectively.  These unique variations are Data Cubes.

  • [Translation Invoicing]
  • [Translation Quality]
  • [Hour Dedication]
  • [Projects Profit and Loss]


Available Implementations

The data warehouse functionality is currently available in three variants:


Data Warehouse "Mondrian"

This module is suitable for small and medium companies. The implementation is based on the open-source Mondrian OLAP server, the JPivot reporting client and the OpenI solution. This implementation provides the full DW functionality, but is limited to the data handling capacity of the Mondrian server.

Data Warehouse "SQL-Server"

This implementation is based on the Microsoft SQL-Server OLAP server and the Microsoft MDAC or Excel Pivot Table reporting clients. functionality. SQL-Server is known to be able to deal with large sized DW Cubes.


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