Setting up Remote Access for Professional Support

In most cases remote access to your ]po[ server is a prerequisite to obtain obtain Professional Support.

Here's what is required by the ]po[ Technical Staff to perform support services in the most efficient manner:

Access by ]po[ Technician: 

a) Access to ]po[ through SSH protocol (default port is 22, any other port is fine)

b) Access to ]po[ through HTTP/HTTPS protocol (default port is 80/443, any other port is fine

Besides support can be also provided through Remote Desktop applications such as:

  • Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)
  • GotoMeeting
  • Webex
  • Teamviewer
  • etc.

Please note that application is more cumbersome and less efficient then access using the above mentioned protocols.
If a VPN is required, any effort to install and maintain the VPN connection will be charged to the customer. 

Access to CVS repository from ]po[ Server

Access to the ]po[ CVS repository at (Port: 2401) from the server ]po[ is installed on can be regarded as mandatory.

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