OpenACS I10n

This package provides internationalization ("i18n" = "i" + 18 characters + "n) services for the OpenACS base system. I18n services include:

  • Locale management per user and for the entire system
  • Definition of text "keys"
  • Translation of keys
  • Translation GUI, including the main localization page.

Package Documentation

Internationalization and Localization Overview
How Internationalization/Localization works in OpenACS
How to Internationalize a Package
Design Notes
Translator's Guide


Package Documentation 

Procedure Files

tcl/apm-callback-procs.tcl       APM callbacks library 
tcl/lang-audit-procs.tcl       Auditing of lang_messages 
tcl/lang-catalog-procs.tcl       <p> Routines for importing/exporting messages from/to XML message catalog files. 
tcl/lang-install-procs.tcl       Support procedures for install.xml actions. 
tcl/lang-message-procs.tcl       Routines for displaying web pages in multiple languages <p> This is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License. 
tcl/lang-util-procs.tcl       Utility routines for translating pages. 
tcl/lang-widget-procs.tcl       Widgets for acs-lang. 
tcl/locale-procs.tcl       Localization procedures for OpenACS <p> This is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License. 
tcl/localization-procs.tcl       Routines for localizing numbers, dates and monetary amounts <p> This is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License. 


_       Short hand proc that invokes the lang::message::lookup proc. 
_mr       Registers a message in a given locale or language. 
ad_locale_get_label       Returns the label (name) of locale To be removed in 5.3 
clock_to_ansi       Convert a time in the Tcl internal clock seeconds format to ANSI format, usable by lc_time_fmt. 
install::xml::action::disable-locale       Disable a locale <code>&lt;disable-locale locale="en_US"&gt;</code> 
install::xml::action::enable-locale       Enable a locale <code>&lt;enable-locale locale="en_US"&gt;</code> 
install::xml::action::set-system-locale       set the systewide locale <code>&lt;set-system-locale locale="en_US"&gt;</code> 
lang::apm::after_install       After install callback 
lang::apm::after_upgrade       After upgrade callback for acs-lang 
lang::audit::changed_message       Save a message that is overwritten. 
lang::catalog::all_messages_for_package_and_locale       Set a multirow with name all_messages locally in the callers scope with the columns message_key and message for all message keys that do not have an upgrade status of deleted. 
lang::catalog::assert_catalog_file       Throws an error if the given path is not valid for a catalog file. 
lang::catalog::default_charset_if_unsupported       Will return the system default charset and issue a warning in the log file if the given charset is not supported by tcl. 
lang::catalog::export       Exports I18N messages from the database to XML catalog files. 
lang::catalog::export_to_file       Export messages for a certain locale and package from the database to a given XML catalog file. 
lang::catalog::get_catalog_file_path       Get the full path of the catalog file for a given package, and locale. 
lang::catalog::get_catalog_files       Return the full paths of all message catalog files of the given package. 
lang::catalog::get_catalog_paths_for_import       Return a list of file paths for the catalog files of the given package. 
lang::catalog::get_required_xml_attribute       Return the value of the given attribute and raise an error if the value is missing or empty. 
lang::catalog::import       Import messages from catalog files to the database. 
lang::catalog::import_from_file       <p> Import messages for a certain locale and package from a given XML catalog file to the database. 
lang::catalog::import_messages       <p> Import a given set of messages from a catalog file to the database for a certain package and locale. 
lang::catalog::is_upgrade_backup_file       Given a file path return 1 if the path represents a file with messages backed up from message catalog upgrade. 
lang::catalog::last_sync_messages       For a certain package, and locale, return the messages in the database the last time catalog files and db were in sync. 
lang::catalog::message_backup_file_prefix       The prefix used for files where we store old messages that were overwritten during message catalog upgrade. 
lang::catalog::messages_in_db       Return a list of all messages for a certain package and locale. 
lang::catalog::package_catalog_dir       Return the catalog directory of the given package. 
lang::catalog::package_delete       Unregister the I18N messages for the package. 
lang::catalog::package_has_files_in_locale_p       Return 1 if the given package has any catalog files for the given locale and 0 otherwise. 
lang::catalog::parse       Parse the given catalog file xml contents and return the data as an array. 
lang::catalog::read_file       Returns the contents of the given catalog file as a string reading the file with the charset given in the filename. 
lang::catalog::translate       Translates all untranslated strings in a message catalog from English into Spanish, French and German using Babelfish. 
lang::catalog::uninitialized_packages       Return a list of keys for installed and enabled packages that do not have any message keys associated with them. 
lang::conn::browser_locale       Get the users preferred locale from the accept-language HTTP header. 
lang::conn::charset       Returns the MIME charset name corresponding to the current connection's locale. 
lang::conn::get_accept_language_header       Obtain a list of locals from the request headers. 
lang::conn::language       Get the language for this request, perhaps for a given package instance. 
lang::conn::locale       Get the locale for this request, perhaps for a given package instance. 
lang::conn::timezone       Get this connection's timezone. 
lang::conn::valid_locale_p       Check, of the provided locale is syntactically correct 
lang::message::cache       Loads the entire message catalog from the database into the cache. 
lang::message::check       <p> Check a message for semantic and sanity correctness (usually called just before a message is registered). 
lang::message::conflict_count       Return the number of messages with conflicts (conflict_p=t) resulting from catalog imports. 
lang::message::delete       Deletes a message in a particular locale. 
lang::message::edit       Edit properties (meta data) of a language catalog message, but not the message text itself. 
lang::message::embedded_vars_regexp       The regexp pattern used to loop over variables embedded in message catalog texts. 
lang::message::format       Substitute all occurencies of %array_key% in the given localized message with the value from a lookup in the value_array_list with array_key (what's between the percentage sings). 
lang::message::get       Get all properties of a message in a particular locale. 
lang::message::get_element       Get value of a single attribute of a message. 
lang::message::get_embedded_vars       Returns a list of embedded substitution variables on the form %varname% in a message. 
lang::message::lookup       This proc is normally accessed through the _ procedure. 
lang::message::message_exists_p       Return 1 if message exists in given locale, 0 otherwise. 
lang::message::register       <p> Registers a message for a given locale and package. 
lang::message::remove_from_cache       Delete a certain message key from the cache for all locales. 
lang::message::revert       Revert a message to the last overwritten version of it, i.e. 
lang::message::translate       Translates an English string into a different language using Babelfish. 
lang::message::unregister       Unregisters a message key, i.e. 
lang::system::get_locale_options       Return all enabled locales in the system in a format suitable for the options argument of a form. 
lang::system::get_locale_options_not_cached       Return all enabled locales in the system in a format suitable for the options argument of a form. 
lang::system::get_locales       Return all enabled locales in the system. 
lang::system::get_locales_not_cached       Return all enabled locales in the system. 
lang::system::language       Get system language setting for a given package instance. 
lang::system::locale       Get system locale setting for a given package instance. 
lang::system::locale_set_enabled       Enables or disables a locale. 
lang::system::set_locale       Set system locale setting for a given package instance, or the site-wide system locale. 
lang::system::set_timezone       Tell OpenACS what timezone we think it's running in. 
lang::system::site_wide_locale       Get the site wide system locale setting. 
lang::system::timezone       Ask OpenACS what it thinks our timezone is. 
lang::system::timezone_support_p       Return 1 if this installation of acs-lang offers timezone services and 0 otherwise. 
lang::system::use_package_level_locales_p       Returns whether we're using package level locales. 
lang::user::language       Get user language preference for a given package instance. 
lang::user::locale       Get user locale preference for a given package instance. 
lang::user::package_level_locale       Get the user's preferred package level locale for a package given by its package id. 
lang::user::package_level_locale_not_cached       Get the user's preferred package level locale for a package given by its package id. 
lang::user::set_locale       Set user locale setting for a given package instance. 
lang::user::set_timezone       Set the user's timezone setting. 
lang::user::site_wide_locale       Get the user's preferred site wide locale. 
lang::user::site_wide_locale_not_cached       Get the user's preferred site wide locale. 
lang::user::timezone       Get the user's timezone. 
lang::util::charset_for_locale       Returns the MIME charset name corresponding to a locale. 
lang::util::convert_adp_variables_to_percentage_signs       Convert ADP variables to percentage_signs - the notation used to interpolate variable values into acs-lang messages. 
lang::util::convert_percentage_signs_to_adp_variables       Convert percentage_signs message vars to adp var syntax. 
lang::util::convert_to_i18n       Internationalising of Attributes. 
lang::util::default_locale_from_lang       Returns an enabled default locale for a language. 
lang::util::default_locale_from_lang_not_cached       Returns the default locale for a language. 
lang::util::escape_vars_if_not_null       Processes a list of variables before they are passed into a regexp command. 
lang::util::get_hash_indices       Returns a list of two element lists containing the start and end indices of a #message_key# match in the multilingual string. 
lang::util::get_label       Returns the label (name) of locale 
lang::util::get_locale_options       Return a list of locales know to the system 
lang::util::get_locale_options_not_cached       Return all enabled locales in the system in a format suitable for the options argument of a form. 
lang::util::get_message_lookups       Get the list of all message keys looked up so far during the current request. 
lang::util::get_regexp_indices       Returns a list of two element lists containing the start and end indices of what is captured by the first parenthesis in the given regexp pattern in the multilingual string. 
lang::util::get_temporary_tags_indices       Given the contents of an adp file return the indices of the start and end chars of embedded message keys on the syntax: <#package_key.message_key Some en_US text#> 
lang::util::iso6392_from_language       Returns the ISO-639-2 code for a language. 
lang::util::iso6392_from_locale       Returns the ISO-639-2 code for a locale. 
lang::util::lang_sort       Each locale can have a different alphabetical sort order. 
lang::util::language_label       Returns the ISO-639 label for a language code. 
lang::util::localize       Takes a string with embedded message keys on the format #message_key_name# and returns the same string but with the message keys (and their surrounding hash marks) replaced with the corresponding value in the message catalog. 
lang::util::localize_list_of_lists       localize the elements of a list_of_lists 
lang::util::message_key_regexp       Regular expression for recognizing message keys in the form <span>#</span>package_name.key#. 
lang::util::message_tag_regexp       The regexp expression used by proc get_temporary_tags_indices and elsewhere to extract temporary message catalog tags (<#...#>) from ADP and Tcl files. 
lang::util::nls_language_from_language       Returns the nls_language name for a language 
lang::util::record_message_lookup       Record a message lookup in translator mode. 
lang::util::remove_gt_lt       Removes < > and replaces them with &lt &gt; 
lang::util::replace_adp_text_with_message_tags       Prepares an .adp-file for localization by inserting temporary hash-tags around text strings that looks like unlocalized plain text. 
lang::util::replace_temporary_tags_with_lookups       Modify the given ADP or Tcl files by replacing occurencies of message keys with message lookups (i.e. 
lang::util::suggest_key       Suggest a key for given text. 
lang::util::translator_mode_p       Whether translator mode is enabled for this session or not. 
lang::util::translator_mode_set       Sets whether translator mode is enabled for this session or not. 
lc_get       Get a certain format string for the current locale. 
lc_leading_space       Inserts a leading space for numbers less than 10. 
lc_leading_zeros       Adds leading zeros to an integer to give it the desired number of digits 
lc_numeric       Given a number and a locale return a formatted version of the number for that locale. 
lc_parse_number       Converts a number to its canonical representation by stripping everything but the decimal separator and triming left 0's so it won't be octal. 
lc_sepfmt       Called by lc_numeric and lc_monetary. 
lc_time_conn_to_system       Converts a date from the connection's timezone to the system (database) timezone, using the OpenACS timezone setting and user's preference 
lc_time_drop_meridian       Converts HH24 to HH12. 
lc_time_fmt       Formats a time for the specified locale. 
lc_time_fmt_compile       Compiles ISO 14652 LC_TIME style formatting string to variable substitions and proc calls. 
lc_time_local_to_utc       Converts a local time to a UTC time for the specified timezone. 
lc_time_name_meridian       Returns locale data depending on AM or PM. 
lc_time_system_to_conn       Converts a date from the system (database) to the connection's timezone, using the OpenACS timezone setting and user's preference 
lc_time_tz_convert       Converts a date from one timezone to another. 
lc_time_utc_to_local       Converts a Universal Time to local time for the specified timezone. 
lc_wrap_sunday       To go from 0(Sun) - 6(Sat) to 1(Mon) - 7(Sun) 
template::widget::select_locales       Generate a select widget for locales. 

SQL Files


Content Pages

           batch-editor.tcl A quick and dirty batch editor for translation.
           edit-description.tcl Edit description of message key.
           edit-history.tcl A page displaying recent editing of translations.
           edit-localized-message.tcl Displays the localized message from the database for translation (displays an individual message)
           export-locale-to-files.tcl Export all catalog messages for a given locale to the file system.
           export-messages.tcl Export messages from the database to catalog files.
           import-locale-from-files.tcl Import all catalog messages for a given locale from the file system.
           import-messages.tcl Import messages from catalog files to the database.
           index.tcl Administration of the localized messages
           load-catalog-files.tcl Load all catalog files.
           locale-delete.tcl Deletes a locale
           locale-edit.tcl Edits a locale
           locale-make-default.tcl Makes a locale the default for its language
           locale-new.tcl Creates a new locale
           locale-set-enabled-p.tcl Sets enabled_p for a locale.
           localized-message-new.tcl Displays the form for the creation of a new localized message.
           lookup.tcl Test message lookup
           message-conflict-resolve.tcl Mark conflict of an I18N message as resolved, i.e.
           message-conflict-revert.tcl Revert the a message to the last overwritten version.
           message-conflicts.tcl Show message conflicts resulting from message catalog imports.
           message-delete.tcl Delete a message
           message-list.tcl Displays messages for translation
           message-search.tcl Search for localized messages containing a certain substring, in order to help translators ensure consistent terminology.
           package-list.tcl Displays packages that contain messages.
           reload-cache.tcl Load all catalog files.
           set-system-timezone.tcl Set the acs-lang system parameter which says what the local timezone offset is
                catalog-test.tcl Tests procedures in the lang package
                format-test.tcl Tests procedures in the lang package
                show-catalog.tcl List contents of message catalog
                test.tcl Tests procedures in the lang package
                timezone.tcl Tests procedures in the lang package
                translator-mode.tcl Testing translator mode.
                tz-test.tcl Test system timezone offset mechanism
           translator-mode-toggle.tcl Toggle translator mode on/off.
      index.tcl Localization home
      locale-set.tcl Sets a locale for the browser


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