Intranet Cost Template

Cost Templates are used by the financial documents package to represent HTML and OpenOffice templates that can be used to format a ]po[  financial document

In order to work properly, every template consists of two parts:

  • An entry in this category with the format "file_body.locale.extension"
    where "file_body" is a file name in lower case without spaces, "locale" is a valid language locale (for example: "en"=English, "es_LA"=Spanish (Latin America)) and "extension" is either "adp"=HTML template or "odt"=OpenOffice template.

  • A file with the same filename "file_body.locale.extension"  in the folder ~/filestorage/templates/ (by default, or in the location specified by the paramter InvoiceTemplatePathUnix.

Please see Financial Document Configuration for more information on ]po[ financial templates.



By default, ]project-open[ comes with two entries in this category representing a HTM template in the languages en=English and es=Spanish.

You can modify these values either by manually setting up this category and adding a file in the <InvoiceTemplatePathUnix>, or use the Admin -> Template administration screen.

 category_id |        category
         900 | invoice.en.adp
         902 |


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