Customizing ]po[

]po[ Portlets

Portlet pages such as the principal pages for the Business Objects Users, Companies, Projects, etc. can be extended by custom portlets. There are literally no limitations when it comes to content and functionality that can be provided by these portlets. Find additional information on how to manage portlets here.    


Top and side menus can be limited or extended using the Menu Management


]po[ contains more than 100 category groups that are customizable. 

  • Object status categories
  • Object type categories
  • e.g.: workflow states and types

Extending the ]po[ Data Model

  • Add columns to existing BizObj tables (system modules)
  • BizObj extension tables (sectorial configuration modules)

Extending the ]po[ Permission Model

  • Add new permission tokens New system roles
  • New Object/Group specific roles

Configurable Customization (100% preservation), Business Object Extensions (90% preservation)

Special database tables are reserved to hold customer extensions to business objects. These tables are not replaced during a system upgrade. Rendering of these objects is handeled by (modified) components in a new library. Future version of Project/Open must not overwrite the extension tables. The client will have to integrate the modified components into the new View/List/Edit pages.

New Custom Modules (80% preservation)

The user may add new modules to the system, including their own data model and components. Future version of Project/Open will not take into account the compatibility with custom modules. However, it is likely that the integration of the new modules with the new version will be easy to manage.

Custom Extensions (50% preservation)

In some cases the client wants to modify the core business objects or component libraries. Future version of ]project-open[ will not take into account the compatibility with custom extensions. That means that the client will have to port the extensions to the new version.
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