Gantt Project Integration

You can import GanttProject schedules into ]po[ in order to extend them with time sheet management, resource management, financial tracking and other purposes. The intranet-ganttproject package implements this integration and includes additional information.

Integration Features

This section details the various features/fields that ]po[ will read and process from GanttProject.

  • Task Name:
    Names are supported with UTF-8 characters and full internationalization.
    In contrast to Project clients, ]po[ does not allow for duplicate task names. When finding a duplicate name during an import, ]po[ will append a random string to the task name to guarantee uniqueness.
  • Resources:
    If a resource assigned in MS Project is not a member of the ]po[ Employee Group, the ]po[ import wizard offers creating them during the import
  • Start & Finish:
    ]po[ accepts the start and finish date directly.
  • Task Priority:
    Task priorities are stored in ]po[ and used by project schedulers like TaskJuggler etc. (future)
  • Milestone:
    Tasks marked as milestone in MS-Project are shown in the ]po[ "Milestones" page.
  • (WBS) Type:
    ]po[ currently only supports numeric WBS codes (Type=0). Type!=0 will return an error message.
  • WBS:
    This field contains a hierarchical code (example: 2.1 for the first sub-task of the second task in the project)
  • Duration:
    Defines the number of working days (or hours, depending on the format) to complete the task with the assigned resources.
    ]project-open[ will store this value in its "estimated_units" field, multiplying the duration value with the assigned resources:
    • If no resource is assigned to the task, ]po[ assumes that one resource is assigned with 100%.
    • If resources are assigned to the task, ]po[ will calculate its "estimated_units" field as duration * (assignments / 100)
      Example: A task of type 'Fixed Unit' with start date 9/1/2012  and end date 9/1/2012 has one resource assigned (100%) will result in 8 'Planned Hours' in ]po[
  • Duration Format:
    Only Days and Hours are supported as duration formats. Any other value will cause an error.
  • Work:
    If present, this field will overwrite the calculated Duration time.
  • Actual Progress / Percent Completed:
    Percent completed (task) will be imported/exported accordingly

Integration Status

Integration with GanttProj v2.0.10

Known issues:

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