Configure XOWIKI permissions

To configure access permissions for the XoWiki please see XoWiki Security Management 

As you can see from above website, access is managed using a policy that is implemented on a code level as a tcl class. This class is located in ~/packages/xowiki/tcl/package-procs.tcl 

Example Policy


As you will see ther are several specification options to define a right.

While specifications 'login' and 'admin' are rather self-explaining, specification options

Error: includelet 'parent_id create' unknown
Error: includelet 'package_id write' unknown
require some knowledge about the OpenACS permission system. For additional information please see OpenACS Permissions Tediously Explained 

To limit access to the internal employees only, you would need revoke the package permissions from the XoWiki package.

They are usually 1nherited from the main page.In order to revoke them, please go to ADMIN->SITEMAP to manage the permissions of the XoWiki package.

xowiki permissions 

Next remove the inheritance:


... and re-add the relevant permissions for the group 'Employees' to the XoWiki package:



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