]po[ Wiki FAQ

This FAQ concerns the documentation wiki website project-open.net, and not the internal wiki functions available with ]project-open[ software.

Please see the Introduction to XoWiki  first.

]po[ Wiki

This wiki is built using XOWiki, a wiki implementation for OpenACS   in XoTcl .   For a more complete and in-depth manual about XOWiki, written by its creators, see here .

How to Get Editing Permissions?

We want to encourage every experienced ]po[ user and community member to contribute to this Wiki.

However, please understand that we reserve the right of admission.

Please contact us to ask for editing permissions.

How to make internal wiki - links?

The format for internal wiki links is:

[text to be displayed]


[Filestorage Package]

[Project-Open Auf Deutsch]

If a specific language is not signaled  in  the link, the link will automatically point to a page in the same language as the page on which the link was made.  If the page to which a link points does not exist, the user will be taken to a creation page upon clicking the link, inviting the user to make a new page. 

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