@Object Types

  • Complete Object-Type Map - see an automatically generated menu of all available object types on the system generated by OpenACS, complete with inheritance and and all table attributes  
  • Data Model - a more in-depth explanation of the ]project-open[ database model

]project-open[ is based on an object-oriented data model. The following list shows some of the available/most significant object types:

Content & Community

  • Calendar - event scheduling tool that is community based
  • Calendar Item - models events to be scheduled onto the Calendar
  • Forum Topic - community discussion postings
  • Filestorage File
  • [Note] - basic text creation
  • [Simple Survey] - a questionnaire 
  • [Simple Survey Question]
  • [Simple Survey Response]

Core Object Types

These objects form the core of ]project-open[:

  • Project - Projects are meant to represent a one-time activity of a group of people with a specific objective and a specific start- and end.
  • Company - A legal mercantile entity.
  • Office - A physical venue of a company. 

Financial Object Types 

Helpdesk and IT Services Management


  • Report - database queries to obtain useful tracking data
  • Indicator - a more precise and quantitative report

System Object Types

Timesheet Management & Project Tracking

User-Related Object Types

  • Group - A group of people. There many be a large number of groups in the system.
  • Profile - A specific user profile for defining permissions. Subtype of Group.
  • Person - The most basic object representing a person.
  • Party - A person with additional properties. Subtype of  Person.
  • User - A person with the permission to login into ]project-open[. Subtype of Party.
  • Employee - A user with employee information. Subtype of  User.

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