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How can I associate bugs with projects/software?

I would like to know how I can use the bug tracker to monitor bugs on various software products.  I see that you can associate a bug to a project, but it seems that "fixed for version" only applies to a single product.  This is because the (OpenACS) Bug-Tracker assumes that all packages together form a single product. Therefor it only supports a single list of product versions. (the Bug-Tracker has been developed by the OpenACS community thinking about OpenACS itself).  Here are a few options for you:

In the future (]po[ V3.4) we are going to replace the Bug-Tracker with the ]po[ Helpdesk package for ITSM compliant services management. The package is already installed on the
http://po34demo.project-open.net/ demo server. 
With the Helpdesk package you could define different types of Bugs for each of your products and assign different lists of versions for each bug type using DynFields and Categories. However, the Helpdesk package is still beta, so please try on a demo server first.


How can I allow freelancers to create and add bugs?


The Bug-Tracker is a package originally developed for OpenACS, and not for ]po[. So it does not adhere to the ]po[ configuration mechanisms, but to the OpenACS configuration.

You can set read/write/create permissions for the Bug-Tracker using the Admin -> Site Map. Please select "permissions" of the "bug-tracker" package, and modify the permissions for the various user group.

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