The term "open-source" describes software where all code and documentation is available and can be used, changed and extended by anyone. This means it returns control to the customer.  When customers don't like how one vendor is serving them, they can choose another without overhauling their infrastructure.  That means: No more arbitrary pricing. No more technology lock-in. No more monopolies.


Less bugs, better quality


Like many other people in the IT industry we believe that software that is published under a so called "Open Source License" such as GNU  leads in the end to better quality, ensures a higher level of security and therefore in the end leads to higher costumer satisfaction.


If freely available software is used, there is no more need to rely on a single software vendor when adjustments and extensions need to be made. The client has the freedom to choose among different service providers in order to make sure that their critical business processes are continuously supported.


Don't be locked in by your software vendor


Buying highly standardized products from large software vendors and manufacturers (such as SAP etc.) might give one a stronger feeling of certainty and security that continued support will be available far into the future for the particular product. But what about solutions that have been developed by smaller software companies in order to serve particular needs of smaller and midsized companies?


In recent years we have seen a lot of smaller companies that have been producing great solutions but went out of business for various different reasons.  Worst case scenario is that any software bought from those companies will no longer be supported.   A replacement software solution must be found, meaning another capital investment spent on software resources, which could have just as easily served some other purpose for the investing business.


The freedom to choose your service provider


Using free Software under the GNU  license prevents this scenario. The code for the software has been developed by a community that is organized over the Internet. Nobody owns the code, so it can be used without paying any license fees, and by anybody who wants to use it.  Since the code is freely available, necessary adjustments and extensions can be undertaken by all those who have the skills to do so.
This could be yourself, your nephew or even somebody who is working on the opposite site of this planet.


Did you know?


It's assumed that all Fortune 500 companies are running at least on one piece of software that has been made available under an open-source license. Did you know that almost 70% of all computers worldwide are delivering websites using this type of free software?

Freely available software is not "for free"


When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom; not price, even if there are no costs for the software itself.  Expenses for distribution, installation and training need to be considered when software under an open-source license is used.

But still: You pay considerable less money than for traditional software packages and at the same time you gain more freedom.

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