Admin Package Manager

The package manager allows to install, update and uninstall packages that together form the ]project-open[ product. For a list of all available packages please see Packages.You can use the package manager to:

  • list the currently installed packages,
  • list available but not yet installed packages,
  • update packages,
  • install/unistall/create packages and
  • "watch" packages (tell AOLserver to reload changes in a package. This is useful when modifying a package library).

(Screenshot of the the package list managed by the package manager)

Package Manager fields:

  • Key - the internal name of the package directory in the source code which is the same name used in CVS Checkout
  • Name - the pretty name of the package
  • Ver. - Version number of the package
  • Status - if the package is currently running
  • Maintained - where the package is located, either locally or externally
  • view files - see all the files within this package, in a subdirectory tree breakdown
  • watch all files - useful when developing, lets the AOLserver know that it should re-compile its library contents in reaction to possible changes to the source code, before attempting to execute the code
  • reload changed

Clicking on a package's key or entry name will reveal more details and options for the package.  

(Package details view)


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