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Dynamic Fields or "DynFields" is a system that enables Administrators or Developers to extend both the database and the consequent in program display of these attributes, automatically.  That is, there should be no reason to examine or modify the underlying source code while making changes.  Within the context of ]project-open[, DynFields are meant to be used as a developer resource as an alternative to time consuming customization changes on the source code.  The principle demonstration of the strength of DynFields are when businesses request additional specialized fields that only affect them.  Given a list of their requierements, a developer can scale the speed of their work by several factors, implementing this customization using DynFields.  


DynField Extensible Architecture - this disscusses the general implementation of DynFields in ]project-open[


The process of adding/extending a GUI widget in ]project-open[ using DynFields is generally 


  1. Creating/Identfying if already exists the widget that will correspond to the changes made.
  2. Extend the desired Object Type.
  3. Set the permissions on the widget.


  • Object Types - The main DynField configuration page. Allows you to define DynFields per object type.
  • Permissions - Defines who can read or write a DynField.
  • [Widgets] - DynField-Widgets are pieces of HTML code to display the value of a dynfield, together with the definition of a value range.
  • Widget Examples - shows a preview of all available widgets, a useful resource when testing modifications.
  • Documentation - a locally stored copy of the text found here DynField Extensible Architecture



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