OpenACS Categories

Manage categories in category trees and let users map objects to categories. Data model for category trees with supporting API and management pages. Provides a widget for general categorization of arbitrary objects and tracks which package instances use which category trees. Also supports localization.

Package Documentation

Procedure Files

tcl/categories-procs.tcl       Procs for the site-wide categorization package. 
tcl/category-form-procs.tcl       Procs for the integration in ad_form of the site-wide categorization package. 
tcl/category-links-procs.tcl       category-links procs for the site-wide categorization package. 
tcl/category-list-procs.tcl       Procs for the integration in listbuilder of the site-wide categorization package. 
tcl/category-relation-procs.tcl       Procedures to relate to categories trees (meta category) to one user_id 
tcl/category-synonyms-procs.tcl       category-synonyms procs for the site-wide categorization package. 
tcl/category-trees-procs.tcl       Procs for the site-wide categorization package. 
tcl/category-xml-procs.tcl       Procedures for importing/exporting category trees from/to XML documents. 
tcl/install-procs.tcl       Procs which may be invoked using similarly named elements in an install.xml file. 
tcl/tagcloud-procs.tcl       Procs to generate a tag cloud for a given category tree. 
tcl/widget-procs.tcl       Procs to generate a tag cloud for a given category tree. 


category::ad_form::add_widgets       For each category tree associated with this container_object_id (usually package_id) put a category widget into the ad_form. 
category::ad_form::fill_widgets       Reads mapped categories values from categorized object and sets them into its auto-generated category form widgets. 
category::ad_form::get_categories       Collects categories from the category widget in the format compatible with category::add_ad_form_elements. 
category::add       Insert a new category. 
category::change_parent       Changes parent category of a category. 
category::count_children       counts all direct sub categories 
category::delete       Deletes a category. 
category::flush_translation_cache       Flushes category translation cache of one category. 
category::get_children       Returns the category ids of the direct children of the given category 
category::get_data       Gets the category name and the tree name in the specified language, if available. 
category::get_id       Gets the id of a category given a name. 
category::get_id_by_object_title       Gets the id of a category given an object title (object_type=category). 
category::get_mapped_categories       Gets the list of categories mapped to an object. 
category::get_mapped_categories_multirow       Returns multirow with: tree_id, tree_name, category_id, category_name 
category::get_name       Gets the category name in the specified language, if available. 
category::get_names       Gets the category name in the specified language, if available. 
category::get_object_context       Returns the object name and url to be used in a context bar. 
category::get_objects       Returns a list of objects which are mapped to this category_id 
category::get_parent       Returns the category id of the parent category 
category::get_tree       Gets the tree_id of the given category. 
category::indent_html       Creates a series of   to indent subcatories in html output. 
category::list::collapse_multirow       Takes a multirow, collapses it so that for each object there's the tcl-list of mapped categories in the category multirow column. 
category::list::elements       Adds list-elements to display mapped categories. 
category::list::get_pretty_list       Accepts a list of category_ids and returns a pretty list of tree-names and category-names with optional links for each tree and category. 
category::list::prepare_display       Extends a given multirow with either one extra column holding a pretty list of the tree-names and category-names or one column per tree holding a pretty list of category-names. 
category::list::rewrite_query       Takes a sql-query and adds an outer join to category_object_map 
category::map_object       Map an object to several categories. 
category::pageurl       Returns the page that displays a category. 
category::phase_in       Marks a category to be visible for categorizing new objects / update existing objects. 
category::phase_out       Marks a category to be phasing out. 
category::relation::add_meta_category       Creates a new meta category by creating a realtion between category_id_one and category_id_two. 
category::relation::get_meta_categories       return cached list of category_one and category_two of the meta-category 
category::relation::get_widget       Returns two select menus of the categories on each tree to be used in ad_form. 
category::reset_translation_cache       Reloads all category translations in the cache. 
category::tagcloud::get_tags       Returns a list of categories and their weights (number of objects mapped to each category) for a give category tree. 
category::tagcloud::tagcloud       Generate a tag cloud for the categories in the given category tree. 
category::update       Updates/inserts a category translation. 
category_link::add       Insert a new category link. 
category_link::delete       Deletes a category link. 
category_synonym::add       Inserts a new synonym. 
category_synonym::delete       Deletes a synonym. 
category_synonym::edit       Updates a synonym. 
category_synonym::search       Gets all matching synonyms for search text in result table. 
category_tree::add       Insert a new category tree. 
category_tree::copy       Copies a category tree into another category tree. 
category_tree::delete       Deletes a category tree. 
category_tree::edit_mapping       Edit the parameters of a mapped category tree. 
category_tree::flush_cache       Flushes category tree hierarchy cache of one category tree. 
category_tree::flush_translation_cache       Flushes category tree translation cache of one category tree. 
category_tree::get_categories       returns the main categories of a given tree 
category_tree::get_data       Get category tree name, description and other data. 
category_tree::get_id       Gets the id of a category tree given a name. 
category_tree::get_id_by_object_title       Gets the id of a category_tree given an object title (object_type=category). 
category_tree::get_mapped_trees       Get the category trees mapped to an object. 
category_tree::get_mapped_trees_from_object_list       Get the category trees mapped to a list of objects. 
category_tree::get_multirow       get a multirow datasource for a given tree or for all trees mapped to a given container. 
category_tree::get_name       Gets the category tree name in the given language, if available. 
category_tree::get_translation       Gets the category tree name and description in the given language, if available. 
category_tree::get_tree       Get all categories of a category tree from the cache. 
category_tree::get_trees       Get the category trees mapped to an object. 
category_tree::import       Insert a new category tree with categories. 
category_tree::map       Map a category tree to a package (or other object). 
category_tree::pageurl       Returns the page that displays a category tree To be used by the AcsObject.PageUrl service contract. 
category_tree::reset_cache       Reloads all category tree hierarchies in the cache. 
category_tree::reset_translation_cache       Reloads all category tree translations in the cache. 
category_tree::unmap       Unmap a category tree from a package (or other object) Note: This will not delete existing categorizations of objects. 
category_tree::update       Updates / inserts a category tree translation. 
category_tree::usage       Gets all package instances using a category tree. 
category_tree::xml::import       Imports a category tree from an XML representation. 
category_tree::xml::import_from_file       Imports a category tree from a given file. 
install::xml::action::load-categories       Load categories from a file. 
install::xml::action::map-category-tree       Maps a category tree to a specified object. 
template::widget::category       Display the category widget. 

SQL Files


Content Pages

           category-delete-2.tcl Deletes a category from a category tree
           category-delete.tcl Deletes a category
           category-form.tcl Form to add/edit a category.
           category-link-add-2.tcl Let user decide about the target category to add a category link.
           category-link-add-3.tcl Adds category links
           category-link-add-4.tcl Adds bidirectional category links
           category-link-add.tcl Let user decide from which category tree to add a category link.
           category-link-delete-2.tcl Deletes category links
           category-link-delete.tcl Ask for confirmation to delete category links
           category-links-view.tcl Display all linked categories for a category
           category-parent-change-2.tcl Changes the parent category of a category.
           category-parent-change.tcl Changes the parent category of a category.
           category-phase-in.tcl Reactivates deprecated categories.
           category-phase-out.tcl Deprecates categories.
           category-usage.tcl Show all objects mapped to a category.
           index.tcl The index page of the category trees administration presenting a list of trees the person has a permission to see/modify
           object-map.tcl This entry page for different object in ACS that need to manage which categories that can be mapped to contained objects.
           one-object.tcl Deprecated page to map objects to category trees.
           permission-manage.tcl Let the user toggle the site-wide status of a category tree.
           site-wide-status-change.tcl Toggle the site-wide status of a category tree.
           synonym-delete-2.tcl Deletes a category synonym.
           synonym-delete.tcl Deletes a synonym
           synonym-form.tcl Form to add/edit a synonym.
           synonyms-view.tcl Displays list of synonyms of a category.
           tree-copy-2.tcl This page copies a category tree into another category tree
           tree-copy-view.tcl Displays a simple view of the source category tree for copy.
           tree-copy.tcl Let the user select a category tree which will be copied into the current category tree
           tree-delete-2.tcl This page checks whether the category tree can be deleted and deletes it.
           tree-delete.tcl This page checks whether the category tree can be deleted and asks for confirmation.
           tree-form.tcl Form to add/edit a category tree.
           tree-map-2.tcl Asks whether users will be allowed to assign multiple categories of this subtree to objects and if users have to categorize an object in this subtree.
           tree-map.tcl Lets user select a category to map a subtree.
           tree-order-update.tcl Update sort order
           tree-unmap-2.tcl Unmapping a category tree from an object.
           tree-unmap.tcl Unmapping a category tree from an object.
           tree-usage.tcl This page shows all the package instanes mapped to a particular category tree.
           tree-view.tcl Display a category tree
      categories-browse.tcl Multi-dimensional browsing of selected category trees.
      index.tcl The index page to browse category trees.
      search-result.tcl Displays matched synonyms for search string
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