When Stoquart s.a. founder Dimitri Stoquart launched his freelance career in 1986, little did he know that his efforts would culminate in the Stoquart we know today—an SME with global reach led by a growing team of professionals, native linguists all. Since then, the Stoquart name has become synonymous with reliability and professionalism in the translation and localization industries. The firm continues to expand, adding new private and institutional clients all over the world.

Stoquart s.a. also co-founded LETS Communicate, an international grouping of translation firms. Member companies share a common vision and trust, and rely on each other for business decisions. Participants, partners, counselors and, now, friends, meet at least on a quarterly basis. 


Stoquart Services 

Stoquart offers ]project-open[ implementation services in Belgium, specialized on the translation industry.


Stoquart Contact


Parc scientifique Initialis
Boulevard Initialis 20
7000 Mons (Belgium)
Ph: +32(0)65 40 25 10

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