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"Internal Company is not Defined" message

This message means that you haven't configured your financial system yet. Please see the PO-Configuration-Guide. You need to add a company of type "internal" with the "Company Path"="internal".

"Variable is not a number" message

]project-open[ currently accepts numbers in American format only with a "." decimal separator and without thousand separators.

This will likely be changed in one of the next versions.

How to add new currencies to the system?

The default configuration of ]project-open[ only includes 5 default currencies: USD, EUR, CAD, AUD and JPY. In order to enable more currencies you will need to manually enabling your currency using a command like (for example for Russian Rubles 'RUR'):

update currency_codes set supported_p = 't' where iso = 'RUR';

This command should give you currency support in all major ]project-open[ modules. However, you will also need to go to the /intranet-exchange-rate/ module and add atleast a few exchange rates in for the past month in order to obtain reasonable results in the project "Profit & Loss" view and for some reports that use currency conversion.

How can I change the default currency of the system?

In the "Admin" -> "Parameters" section of ]project-open[. Check the "PO-Configuration-Guide" for details.

Multiple projects per Customer Bill

> I see that it's possible to add multiple project to
> each invoice. Is it also possible to create a Customer
> Bill with multiple projects?


Financial documents can be assoicated with any number of projects. However, we don't recommend this, because the ]project-open[ controlling subsystem doesn't know to to assign the invoices to the projects, so the controlling data become inconsistent.

However, the inconsistency is limited to the projects contained in a single financial document. It's OK to have inconsistent controlling information on subprojects, if all subprojects are children of the same main project, because the main project will be fine again.

So you'll have to decide whether fine-grain controlling is useful for you or whether you prefer to reduce administrative overhead by including many small projects in a single invoice.

Why does ]po[ show financial items without VAT?

VAT is generally not shown in ]po[, because VAT (usually!) doesn't impact on profit & loss of projects. ]po[ takes a "controlling" view to profit & loss, instead of the usual "accounting" view that would include VAT.

You could customize the columns in financial list pages via [DynViews] in order to add a VAT column or an amount+VAT column, if this is really necessary for your company.

An exception to this rule is payments, which represents the full payable amount including VAT and possibly other types of taxes.


Invoice Amounts are 0 for 2009 and later

 Please upgrade ]po[ to the latest version (> V3.4.0.5) and run all upgrade scripts.


Financial Summary is not frequently updated

Please check if the following parameters are set correctly:

  • CostCacheSweeperInterval (default: 60) 
  • CostCacheSweeperMaxProjects (default: 50) 
  • SyncHoursInterval (default: 121) 
  • SyncHoursP (default: 1)
Please consider flushing the cache: http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet/admin/flush_cache after changing the parameters.
Also you want to check if your exchange rates are updated: http://[YOUR_SERVER]/intranet-exchange-rate/

If problem persist even after all these measures please post a message on sourceforge:


How do you set the decimal rounding in financial documents?

Go to Admin | Parameters | intranet-invoices and set the parameter "AccuracyFinDocItems" to the decimal rounding you need (a value of 3 means that amounts are shown with 3 decimals, such as 0.000). 

Why are the values for VAT, TAX or the financial documents templates not shown on a company profile?

Possible reasons for that:

  1. You don't have the privileges to view these specific fields. These fields are Dynfields, so their privileges must be changed through the Dynfield control panel. Ask your admin to go to Admin | DynField | Permissions and check whether your profile is entitled to view the fields for the "Company" object (http://YOURSERVER/intranet-dynfield/permissions?object_type=im_company).
  2. These fields have been disable for that specific company type. Ask your admin to go to Admin | DynField | Attribute Type Map and check the fields for that company type (see http://YOURSERVER/intranet-dynfield/attribute-type-map?object_type=im_company)
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