HR Recruiting

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Recruiting refers to searching and contracting new company employees.

Process Activities


  • Write up job descriptions
  • Review applications
  • Schedule and perform job interviews, collect data
  • Perform background research 
  • Evaluate applications

Process Input

  • Requirements for position to be filled
  • Applicants master data

Process Output

  • Filled position

Process Support

  • Candidate Internet Self Service - ]po[ allows candidates to register themselves. After an approval, candidates may use the other services presented here.
  • Unified HR Record - ]po[ provides one page per person that contains all available information about a candidate.
  • File Storage - Allows storing applicant's CV and other material.
  • Recruiting Pipeline - The ]po[ HR module allows to track potential employee's recruiting process.
  • [Simple Surveys] - This package allows to create surveys to be filled out by applications.


Process Performance Indicators

  • Number of candidate applications per month
  • Number of successful placements per month
  • Quality of the candidates
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