About Configuration

This page summarizes a number of configuration steps that repeat with every ]po[ implementation. Please excuse us that not all configuration pages have been written yet, we will complete the missing pages in the following weeks and months.

Meanwhile you can consult our Open Discussions  forum at www.SourceForge.net  for free support (please search for your question before you start a new discussion topic). Please contact us for professional support to accelerate your configuration process.

Configuration Topics

For a full configuration please proceed with the following topics more or less in the specified order:

  • The Configuration Wizard - creating a suitable base configuration to start with. 
  • [User Group Configuration] - identify user groups with different permissions.
  • [Menus Configuration] - simplify your system by hiding menu tabs.
  • Portlet Configuration - simplify your system by hiding portlet plugin components.
  • User Profiles - define user groups and their permissions.
  • [The User Matrix] - determine the relationship between user groups.
  • [Category Project Status] - define the life cycle of a project in your company.
  • [Category Project Type] - define the types of projects used in your company.
  • [Category Company Status] - define the life cycle of customers and providers.
  • [Category Company Type] - define the types of customers and providers.
  • [Category Other Stati and Types] - define the stati and types of other ]po[ objects.
  • [Materials & Service Types] - define the types of services provided by your company to customers.
  • [Currency & Exchange Rates] - what currencies do you use and how to convert between currencies.
  • [Department & Cost Centers] - define the departments and the cost center hierarchy of your company.
  • Language, Date, and Currency (old) - What do we speak?  What day is it?  What do we get paid in?
  • The Internal Company (old) - define your own company.
  • Start Page and Home Page (old) - landing pages for the server domain name and first access page.
  • [Necessary Parameters (old)] - critical system parameters.
  • [Optional Parameters (old)] - important parameters that help to configure ]project-open[ uniquely for your company.
  • GUI Configuration (old) - The look of ]project-open[, change CSS appearance and system logo.
  • Financial Documents (old) - customize the look of invoices, provider bills, quotes, etc.
  • [File Server Integration] - define where to store documents related to projects and other objects.
  • [Database Configuration] - integrate ]project-open[ with a database.
  • Permissions (old) - configure the internal security of ]project-open[ by restricting read/write privileges.
  • [configuration-workflow] - configure dynamic workflows to control the life cycle of business objects.
  • [configuration-user-exits] - define operation system scripts to be executed when creating and modifying business objects.


Other Documentation

  • Configuration Tutorial - optimizing ]project-open[ to suit specific businesses and industries 
  • [project-translation in 10 Steps] - guide to implementing a translation industry suite customization 
  • LdapAD - incorporating LdapAD authentication proceedures into ]po[


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