]po[ Version 3.3

  • Released: June 17th, 2008
  • Availability: CVS branch "v3-3-patches"

What's New in V3.3?

Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed more then 50 smaller issues and bugs.

New features:

  • Reporting: Added user-definable reports
  • Reporting: Added an "Indicators" module that allows to define and track process performance indicators over time.
  • Invoices: "Canned Notes" implement pre-defined statements to include in invoices and other financial documents.
  • Backup: The Backup screen now allows to download backup files over the Web, simplifying the backup procedure.
  • Performance: A number of frequently used procedure are now cached to improve performance.
  • Rating: Added "Simple Surveys" rating module
  • CRM: Improved the "intranet-mail-integration" Email integration module so that it is now usable. The module allows to associate incoming email with ]po[ users, effectively maintaining an email track record per customer.
  • Translation: Added a link for "editors" to rate their "translator" (translation-only)
  • Translation: Added a "Tandem Translation Module". This module keeps track of the translator-editor tandem combination by counting how frequently an editor has worked with a translator.
  • Translation: Added TinyTM Integration. We have integrated TinyTM (an open-source translation memory) with ]po[. TinyTM itself is still in "alpha" development/alpha status.
  • System Integration: Improved the CVS Import: We have added an algorithm to guess the separator of CSV imports ("," vs. ";").
  • System Integration: Added an UBS (Unified Business Language) for accounting applications such as SAP, Oracle or Microsoft NAF (Navision).


  • We have improved the upgrade procedure. ]po[ now checks for update scripts that need to be executed.
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