]po[ Expense Bundle

An Expense Bundle represents a group of expense items bundled together.

Expense Bundles typically need to be approved by the HR department or by the project manager before the can be reimbursed to the employee who paid for them.

Expense Bundle Fields

Expense bundles are a sub-type of cost item and doesn't contain any additional fields.

The values of the cost item are calculated according to the following rules:

  • The im_costs.amount of the cost item is calculated as the sum of the im_expense.amount values minus the included VAT.
  • The im_costs.vat is calculated as the ponderated VAT from all expense items.

This way, the expense bundle cost item precisely reflects the amount and the amount of VAT of all included expense items.

In countries where the VAT of expense items are not reimbursable, please advice the users to use "0% VAT" in all expense items.

Expense Approval Workflow

In order to us an approval workflow you need to install the package intranet-expenses-workflow. This package defines a "expense_approval_wf" default workflow which will be started automatically if a user decides to "submit" an expense bundle.


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