]po[ App Store

We plan to setup an online store to allow users to download and install add-on packages provided by the ]po[ core team and other entities. This store will also allow us to integrate packages into ]po[ that are released under incompatible license (GPL V3.0 etc.)

Development Status:

  • This package is still in planning phase.
  • There is no actual code yet.
  • The priority has been lowered in 2017


Sprint 1  

Server Side (projop):

- Create XML list of currently installed packages
  (just the content of the currently enabled apm_package_versions),
  just parsing the XML of /packages/<package>.info
  (This functionality already exists)

- Create a series of <package>.<version>.apm packages

- Create download page for individual packages

Client Side:

- Read server XML structure

- Show APM list of downloadable packages with checkboxes
  to select for download

- Allow to download the packages similar to:
  "Load a new package from a URL or local directory."

- (Installation needs to be performed manually)




Please contact us or mail us at info@project-open.com  if you are interested to participate in designing, developing or testing this package.

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