PM Earned Value Management

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Earned value management (EVM, also called earned value analysis EVA) is a project management process that aims to identify performance problems early during the project execution. For an introduction please see earned value management at Wikipedia .

Process Activities

  • The project manager enters percent completed values for every project task.
  • The project manager compares "planned value" with "earned value" in the Earned Value portlet in the project's view page.

Process Input

Process Output

  • Consolidated values for planned value (PV), earned value (EV) and actual cost (AC)
  • A chart showing the evolution of all financial indicators over time 

Process Support by ]po[


]po[ allows project managers to define the completion degree on the level of tasks in the Project -> Tasks page.

Based on these values and the other inputs to the process, ]po[ is capable to calculate all important outputs of earned value management automatically.

Currently, ]po[ uses the number of hours ("planned units") per task as the base for calculating earned value and percent completed. Future versions of ]po[ may support additional methods of calculating earned value.



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