PostgreSQL Load Benchmark

This benchmark can provide you with a relvant measure of your database performance, which usually represents the bottleneck of a ]po[ installation.


The benchmark will destroy the database of your "projop" ]po[ instance, so please execute with care. You probably want to perform a backup of your database in ]po[ Admin -> Backup -> New Backup.

In order to execute the benchmark, please open up a Linux shell and type:

# su - projop
# wget
# tar xzf project-open-Update- pg_dump.

# killall -9 nsd; dropdb projop
# createdb --owner=projop --encoding=utf8 projop
# createlang plpgsql projop

# time psql -f pg_dump. > import.log 2>&1

The last line should take between 5 and 300 seconds, depending on the speed of your system.

Reference Results

  • 6.1 seconds: "Bare metal" (not a VM) on one of our SaaS servers with Xeon E3-1275 @ 3.40GHz and Seagate Cheetah 15k SAS disks.
  • 8.8 seconds: As a VMware on our development ESXi server with i3-2100 @ 3.1GHz and Seagate Constellation CS disks.
  • 95 seconds: On a Windows laptop

Benchmark Interpretation

The following values are rough estimates:

  • A benchmark below 10s indicates that you will be able to run 3-5 "concurrent users" or 15-50 "currently connected users" in your ]po[ installation.
  • A benchmark below 20s indicates that you will be able to run 2-3 "concurrent users" or 5-15 "currently connected users" in your ]po[ installation.
  • A benchmark above 50s will produce unsatisfactory user experience even in small production installations.

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