Notes 01 - Hello World

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the ]project-open[ development environment and to create your first "Hello World" example.

Development Environment

You will need as a precondition:

  • A running ]po[ server:
    You could download the VMware or the Windows installer (future) from our SourceForge site -> Downloads section.
  • Browser access to the ]po[ server:
    Please configure your VMware in such a way, that you can access the ]po[ from your host machine.
  • Edit files in the ]po[ server:
    On Linux you can use Emacs or Vi. On Windows you can use any local editor. We recommend TextPad for editing.
  • Browsing the ~/log/errors.log” file:
    On Linux you can use "tail -f ~/log/errors.log", on Windows you can use TextPad to display the contents of the log file.

Once everything is set up please use your text editor and create a new file called "notes01.tcl" in the ~/www/ directory with the following single line:


doc_return 200 "text/html" "Hello World"

Now point your browser at the file by entering the URL: "http://localhost/notes01".

You should see a beautiful "Hello World" in your browser. Congratulations!

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