Eclipse Mylyn Integration

Mylyn is the task and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse. Mylyn allows developers to connect to a ]project-open[ server and to review, update and create tasks.

The ]project-open[ team and Markus Knittig  have developed a Mylyn "connector" that uses the ]project-open[ REST interface in order to communicate with a ]po[ server.

Eclipse Mylyn Integration with ]project-open[ from project_open

Status V0.1

The current version (2013-10-18) is available for Eclise 4.3 (Kepler)  or higher.

The ]po[-Mylyn Eclipse update site is located at:

The ]po[-Mylyn source code is available on GitHub at:

PO-Mylyn-Integration V0.1 supports the following operations:

  • Login and authentication against any ]project-open[ server with ]po[ V4.0.0 or higher.
  • Download the list of all tickets available to the current user
  • Update a ticket status
  • Create a new ticket



Install the Plugin 

In your Eclipse Kepler with Mylyn installed, please select:

  • Help -> Install New Software
  • Enter "" into the "Work with:" field.
    Eclipse should show the respective plugin name and version number (or similar):
    ]project-open[ Mylyn Integration
  • Please check the item, click "Next >", "Next >" again, confirm the license, and
  • A warning will appear that the package contains unsigned content, please press
    "OK" and restart Eclipse afterwards.

Create a Task Repository

  • After the restart, please go the the Mylyn "Task Repositories" section
    (in the "Task List" section select "Task Repository View")
  • Click on the "Add Repository" icon (a blue database symbol with a yellow "+")
    and select ]project-open[.

Login to ]project-open[ Server

We have prepared a ]project-open[ demo server for you that is 99.9% available. You can login with the following parameters:

  • Server:
  • Label: demo (this is just for yourself, you can choose a different label)
  • User ID:
  • Password: ben

As an alternative, you can install any ]project-open[ server with version 4.0 or higher.


Limits in PO-Mylin-Integration V0.1

  • No support for threaded discussions yet
  • No update of any field except ticket status
  • No support for different trackers (]po[ Service Level Agreement projects)


Technical Details

The PO-Mylyn-Integration package follows the standards for Eclipse and Mylyn plug-ins. It consists of a number of Java classes that can be plugged directly into Eclipse.

 Please also see the developer notes for this package.

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