SourceForge Bug-Tracker Integration  is an open-source community hosting literally hundredthousands of open-source projects, including ]project-open[ (here ). Amongst other services, SF provides hosted projects with a bug-tracker.

The SourceForge Bug-Tracker integration allows ]project-open[ to import the list of open bug-tracker tickets into the ]po[ helpdesk, so that the SF tickets (of any SF project) will appear in the local list of tickets. This way the tickets can be integrated with other processes implemented in ]po[ including incident management, problem management and release management.

Details offers a RSS interface to its bug-tracker contents. For example, the ]project-open[ bug-tracker is available at []. The ]po[ SF integration routine reads the contents of the RSS XML file, checks if the tickets are already present in the ]po[ ticket tracker and will create update existing tickets or create new tickets if necessary.

Integration Parameters

The integration is controlled by the following parameters:

  • intranet-helpdesk: SourceForgeTrackerSweeperInterval:
    The number of seconds between executions of the SF sweeper ("cron") process. The default is 3600, which corresponds to 1 hour.
  • intranet-helpdesk: SourceForgeTrackerSlaNr:
    An optional parameter specifying the project_nr of a ]po[ SLA where to place the imported tickets.
  • intranet-helpdesk: SourceForgeTrackerIDs:
    A space separated TCL list of SF tracker IDs. The default tracker ID is 579555, which is the list of ]project-open[ bugs.


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