]po[ Version 5.2

  • Expected Release: Not determined yet
  • Current Status: planning

V5.2 will bring several feature that were assigned lower priorities for ]po[ V5.0 or V5.1 including (probably):

  • New GUI design using Vue.js:
    This only refers to the "L" (top-bar and side-bar) and possibly at the portlet handling. However, the main part of the pages will be redesigned on later releases.
  • Fully-fledged resource calendar for the Gantt Editor
  • Sencha File-Storage

HTML5 Task Board and "Sprint Planner"

]po[ V5.1 and earlier was not very good at managing agile projects. The functionality today in the [agile methodologies package] is based on HTML 2, rather than HTML 5 with AJAX.

We will replace this portlet with a HTML5 drag-and-drop multi-spring task board ("sprint planner"),

The Sprint Planner will include collapsible sections for each sprint, so that it becomes easy to move user stories between sprints.

Users with a support  contract  will receive these upgrades once they become available.

HTML5 File-Storage

V5.2 will include a new file-storage packages with drag-and-drop functionality.
The file-storage package is already working, and even an Electron based version exists for local installation on Linux, MacOS and Windows. However, this functionality is alpha quality.

Self-Service Procurement Portal

A new [Procurement Portal] will allow all team members (according to permissions) to initiate purchases. After creating a "Purchase Request", a workflow will be started that will check for approvals from the project manager, senior managers, potentially other departments, according to business rules. Purchased items will automatically be deducted from available budgets (integration with the Budget Management package. The workflow will optionally include a follow-up of reception, quality-check and inventorization (inventory = individually identifiable items, this is different from warehouse stocks which are not individually identifiable) of the purchased goods.


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