Intranet Skin

Used by the Core module to defines the list of available GUI "skins".

For example, in order to add a new GUI skin named "newskin" you need to:

  • Add new set of images in: /intranet-core/www/images/navbar_newskin
  • add a new style sheet in: /intranet-core/www/style/style.newskin.css and
  • add a new JavaScript file at: intranet-core/www/js/style.newskin.js

Constant Values

The following values are used as constants and should not be modified. However, it's OK to disable them.

 category_id |  category   | aux_string1
       40010 | default     |
       40015 | left        |
       40020 | saltnpepper | 1
       40025 | lightgreen  |

Skin Version

To define Skin Versions please set the "aux_string1" to the version number.The skin css gets loaded as follows

By changing the version no. you can force that the CSS gets reloaded. Its recommended to set the version number always to the CVS revision number.

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