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The Advanced Timesheet Management Package and it's accompanying add-on packages are ]project-open['s solution for logging and tracking employee time.  Although the package is capable of simply recording employees as they "punch in and out"; in a project management environment, and moreover, to a project manager, it is of more importance to know on what specific tasks and projects an employee has spent their time, and for service consultants to be able to transform these records automatically into billable statements to spend to clients.  Within their base timesheet, employees can associate their work with specific projects, sub-projects, or specific tasks within the two.  This allows project managers to spot possible project delays, to identify man hour intensive project areas, and track individual employee efficiency and effectiveness.


(Screenshot of a timesheet for "Ben Bigboss" recording his hours spent on the "Fast Food Regional Market Analysis" project.)


Logged hours can be multiplied with different hourly rates in order to comply with accounting rules in different accounting systems:


Accessing a timesheet and recording hours in ]project-open[

There are several different ways to access view timesheets on ]project-open[.

  • For a monthly calendar view click on the "Timesheet" header from anywhere in ]project-open[, then select the day that you wish you record hours for.  A menu of all projects you are associated with is presented, select the particular project, enter in the hours and then click "Add hours" to update.  
  • For a weekly view click on the "Project" home page and select the desired project. From within that particular's project home page  click on the "Log in your hours" link beneath the "Timesheet" header which will lead to a page showing a week view.


        (Screenshot from a specific project homepage of the timesheet component)


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