Portlet: Tasks for User

This portlet shows summary information about tasks assigned to users.



Status Color Codes

The colors of each task indicate the execution status:

  • Blue - Not started yet:
    The task will start in the future, so there are no actions planned as of today.
  • Green - In process (OK):
    The task has started and is being completed as planned. The actual done % corresponds to the value planned for today.
  • Yellow - In process (late):
    The task has started, but it has not been completed according to the plan, or the project manager did not yet update the status...
  • Red - Late:
    The task should have been finished already, but the done % is not yet 100%.
  • Grey - Finished:
    The task has been finished, done % is 100%.
  • Purple - Undefined:
    The system can not calculate the execution status.
    This can happen if a task has not start- or end-date due to incomplete data-entry or similar situations.
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