PM Resource Management

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Project resource planning should ensure that during the project execution phase resources across projects.

It furthermore should support what-if scenarios and perform other type of simulations (work in progress) . 

Process Variants

Precision of planning requires precision and wealth of available data. Based on this assumption it is possible to distinguish resource planning process variants according to the amount of information that users are willing or accustomed to enter into the system:

  • Information from Operational Processes:
    ]project-open[ collects information about the assignment of resource to tasks as part of its operational project tracking, [timesheet management] and [translation workflow management] processes. This information may in some cases enough to provide management with reports about resource utilization and the deviation between planned assignments and the actual resources consumed.

  • Coarse-Grain Resource Assignment to Active and Potential Projects:
    Maintaining assignment "percentages" of resources to "active" (currently ongoing) and "potential" (future, from sales pipeline of project requests) projects allows to plan resources in the future on a coarse grain level.

  • Weekly Resource Assignment:
    In this variant a short-term plann captures the assignment of resources per project/sub-project/task and week.

Process Activities

  • Monitoring resource allocation
  • Perform what-if scenarios

Process Input

  • Current project assignments  
  • Availability of resources

Process Output

  • Updated assignment level
  • Realistic project plan and schedules

Process Support by ]po[


Process Performance Indicators

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